Assess the efficacy of the present policies and practices


From at least three (3) reputable sources -of which 1 (one) credible source must be from the scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article, and 1 (one) source must be from a credible government/professional organization - Students are expected to research information related to one of the following criminal justice decision-making points:

• Arrests;

• Plea Bargains;

• Bail; or

• Sentencing: Incarceration

Students are expected to:

• Summarize the rates, of the selected decision-making point, based on socio-economic class orrace and ethnicity;

• Summarize steps taken(at a minimum, two existing programs, initiatives, and/or policies) that attempt to remedy disproportionate minority representation;

• Assess the efficacy of the present policies and practices and provide their rationale for deeming them ineffective/effective; and

• Suggest practices/policies that they predict would decrease disproportionate representation of minorities at the research.

Format: The document, submitted to Safe Assign,must be type-written, specifically double-spaced, one-inch margins, and 12- point font.

There is NO page minimum; rather students should be concerned with their comprehensive/exhaustive coverage of the topic area.

Students must use APA format for citations and references; students must cite sources in the body of the report (in-text citations) and include a list of sources at the end of the report (reference page).

Submission: Prior to the submission date students are required to use Safe Assignment. The acceptable Safe Assign score will be determined by the individual instructor/professor.

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Business Law and Ethics: Assess the efficacy of the present policies and practices
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