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Homework Help >> Database Management System
  Architecture of dbms  

Question 1: Describe the architecture of DBMS with a neat block diagram:

a) Storage manager 
b) Query processor 
c) Block diagram

Question 2: Describe ER model in detail:

a) Attribute set 
b) Entity set 
c) Mapping cardinalities 
d) Relationship sets 
e) Keys

Question 3: Describe the design issues of ER-model:

a) Use of entity sets versus Attribute sets 
b) Use of Entity sets versus Relationship sets 
c) Binary versus Nary relationship sets 
d) Placement of relationship sets

Question 4: Describe the different relational algebra operations

a) Select operations 
b) Project operations 
c) Union operation
d) Set difference operations 
e) Cartesian product operations 
f) Rename operations

Question 5: Draw an ER diagram for the banking enterprise.

a) Data requirements 
b) Entity sets 
c) Relationship sets 
d) ER diagram 

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