Apply and describe the brand characteristics

Assignment: Branding Characteristics

In order to increase sales and engender customer loyalty you read that it was important to establish a strong brand in the minds of the customer through integrated marketing communications. In order to establish a strong brand, it is important that the marketer address the five brand characteristics previously examined (practice this in the Learning Activity). You will apply these needed brand characteristics for a new product in this Assignment.

Scenario: You are a marketing assistant at a firm. In a 1-2 page plus title and reference page Microsoft® Word® document, address the following:

• Choose one of the new products asseen here. Take a screen shot and insert it into the top of a Microsoft Word document and then address the following:

• Apply and describe the brand characteristics provided in your Chapter 3 Reading on pages 56-60.

Brand Characteristics are:

1.relative advantage

2. Compatibility

3. Complexity

4. Triability

5. Observability

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Other Management: Apply and describe the brand characteristics
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