Analyzing the video - brakeless west japan railway


The video "Brakeless" that aired on PBS' Independent Lens series offers a stirring view into many management issues as played out at the West Japan Railway (WJR).You are invited to an additional learning opportunity by viewing the whole 55 minutes

( ), reflecting on some of the management principles illustrated, and write an analysis of it.

Among the possible aspects you could consider: ( please consider as much as you could from the list)

1. National Culture

o Caution/Risk (Uncertainty Avoidance)
o Individual/Group (Individualism/Collectivism)
o Hierarchy/Equality (Power Distance)
o Masculine/Feminine
o Other aspects distinctive to Japan, including its history, customs, etc.

2. Corporate Culture

o Styles of culture
o Values
o Motivation
o Rewards and punishments
o Leadership styles
o Industry factors
o Attitudes and diversity
o Communication
o Etc.

Write a thoughtful, insightful essay of about two pages.

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Business Management: Analyzing the video - brakeless west japan railway
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