Analyzing pmis web site


Visit the PMI's Web site ( (Links to an external site.) ) and review some of the links to project management sites provided in the section below.

• Visit at least three sites related to project management. Perform a careful review of each site. Concentrate on content, not appearance.

• Read at least one article from any of these sites or other sites you find that describes a recently completed large project done in another country or the results of a recent study related to project management. Make sure the article has an author and date. You can also search for articles from (Links to an external site.) .

Following memo formatting, write a one- to two-page single-spaced memo summarizing the following, using at least one paragraph for each bulleted item: (Memo format/template can be found under the Introductory Module).

•What you learned about project management in general. Be specific and include references to your sources, one of which may be the textbook.

•What you thought of PMI's site. Be specific. Generalities will not be sufficient.

•Identify each additional website you visited and describe what you thought of the other sites you visited. Be specific. Identify each site and include the strengths and weaknesses (if any) you observed. Focus on content and not appearance. Although if navigation was difficult, then be sure to note that.

•Provide a review of the article you read. Identify the article and the author. Identify where you obtained the article. Include an overview of the article and your overall opinions.


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Project Management: Analyzing pmis web site
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