Analyzing macro-environment-pest analysis

Review Marketing Plan Assignment-Company Overview and Market Research

• Overview of Company

• Market Research Strategies

• Analyzing Macro-environment-PEST Analysis

Section of the marketing plan will include an introduction of the company you have selected, allowing the reader to understand the company, product/service, and any other pertinent details. Marketing plans are compiled by companies that have incorporated a solid marketing research strategy in order to better understand the industry, competition, and customer. Explain the research strategies that will be used by your company. Finally, analyze the macro environment using a PEST analysis. This will lead to a better understanding of how changes in the political/legal, economic, sociocultural, and technological environment will affect your company.

The format of this professional Marketing Plan is essay format with subheadings using Microsoft Word. As this assignment is a comprehensive plan, additional research and support should be included using a minimum of 3 sources correctly formatted to APA standards on the Reference page. In-text citations should also be used. The length for each assignment is minimally 3 pages long double-spaced plus title page and reference page.

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