Analyze the long-term effects of the opportunities

Discuss the below:

U.S. entry into World War II, though devastating to Americans in general, simultaneously created many opportunities for women, African Americans, and Mexican Americans. From the readings, instructor insights, e-activity, and scenario - please answer all of the following in a post of at least 250 words: Remember that you must also respond in a substantive manner to a minimum of one other person. Make sure to cite your sources.

• Explain new opportunities for at least two groups

• Analyze the long-term effects of the opportunities you discussed

• Discuss at least two difficulties faced by minority groups during the war (this can include Japanese Americans, African Americans, women, German Americans etc)

"Are you born or made a leader?"

• Go to the Psychology Today Website and read the article titled "Leaders: Born or Made?" . Then choose two (2) of your favorite leaders, and discuss whether you believe each of the chosen people were born or made leaders. Make sure to give supporting statements as to why you believe a certain way.

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Other Subject: Analyze the long-term effects of the opportunities
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