Analysis of tradable financial instruments


Security analysis is the analysis of tradable financial instruments (e.g., debt securities, equity securities, hybrid securities, etc.) called securities. Security analysis is typically divided into categories—fundamental analysis and technical analysis. While fundamental analysis relies upon the examination of fundamental business factors such as financial statements, technical analysis focuses upon price trends and momentum. The main purpose of a security analysis is to determine whether to purchase a particular security including common stock. The security analysis is also performed for a wider audience. For example, a security analyst at an investment bank may produce a security analysis for distribution to clients. Similarly, the security analyst may work for a mutual fund company and be responsible for identifying potential security investment opportunities.

Now try short term trading, Use an imaginary $894,000 to buy some shares of a stock that will possibly go up in the next day or so. for instance invest the entire $894,000 already—sell some of the securities at today's market price in order to have at least $50,000 in cash to get into the "day trading."

Update the Excel portfolio with the most recent trades. Add gain/loss column(s)

Which stock were choosen, why? Include concepts of technical analysis that were used from the readings.

What would you recommend to other day traders and investors? Would you suggest other investors to enter in the day trading market? Include reasoning.

Include portfolio on Excel spreadsheet.

Include financial analysis along with at least two pages of reasoning.

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Finance Basics: Analysis of tradable financial instruments
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