Analysis of the criminal law system


PART A. Adversarial Criminal Law System (Powerpoint Presentation) Create a 15 to 20 minute powerpoint presentation comparing the idea of our criminal law system as adversarial to other descriptions of how a courtroom works.

The assignment should include the following:

• Submissions must be thought provoking and provide a critical analysis of the criminal law system.

• The PowerPoint presentation, it must contain a minimum of 20 slides.

• Use the "notes" section of the PowerPoint to provide your analysis. The PowerPoint slide should have minimum text and graphics. The notes section will contain your analysis. (This is the information you will share with an audience.)

• 2 to 3 references. References should be located on the last slide of the PowerPoint presentation or embedded within your dialogue in the video. (Cite your references).

• The PowerPoint must be free of spelling and grammatical errors. The video must be free of (spoken) grammatical errors.

• APA format.

PART B. Zombie Attacks / Insanity Plea? (75 Words) Please respond to the following discussion prompt and submit it to the discussion forum as your initial post. Then, make at least two thoughtful responses to your fellow students' posts. Your initial post should be at least 150 words and each of your responses should be approximately 75 words in length.

Recently, a bizarre rash of crimes have occurred dealing with individuals eating parts of other individual's bodies. These "zombie" attacks are odd to say the least, however, legally, one must ask, are these individuals legally insane? Could they use this as a defense? Not Guilty by reason of Insanity? Here is a recent news article that explores one of those specific cases (NOTE: Infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer who ate parts of his victims was found criminally responsible, the court rejected his insanity defense).

Explain why you do or do not think these individuals will have a successful insanity defense and make sure to apply the necessary elements of insanity to your answer.

PART C. Ethics in the Courtroom (75 Words)

The Tidewater Police Department is located in the Ocean Judicial Circuit. A detective just completed an investigation on one of the Assistant District Attorney's for child molestation and sexual exploitation of children. The ADA allegedly had been molesting his 5 year old niece and posted digital pictures of the child sexual abuse on the Internet. The District Attorney is prosecuting the case.

Using ethical and moral criteria for courtroom criminal practices, do you think the District Attorney should conduct the following practices:

1. Allow television cameras into the courtroom

2. Show the child sexual abuse photographs and videos to the jury in the courtroom

3. Make the 5 year old victim testify

PART D. Judicial Activism (2 Pages)

Write a 2-page, APA style paper on judicial activism. Present the arguments on both sides of the question as to whether judges should interpret or simply apply the Constitution. Research and provide more current examples (the current Supreme Court docket) and predict how you think the justices will decide.

Then think about the idea that if one can predict the decisions of the justices on the Supreme Court--where does that leave the idea that no case is prejudged?

Please include 2-3 references.

PART E. Stand Your Ground Law (150 Words)

The George Zimmerman case has gained national attention, focusing on the Florida Statute, "Stand your Ground" law. Included in the Power point is the specific stand your ground law existing in Florida. review the statute and the news story, and describe whether or not the defendant fulfills the requirements for stand your ground. You may go into various hypothetical's as many of the facts surrounding the case are still unverified.

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