Analysis of macro-economic backdrop germane to idea


Overview: A project-based assignment. Work product will include the following data points to ensure high probability success and efficacy of your investment theme and its development.

1. In this report, it will be no more than 4-pages doubled spaced (verbiage only). Of course, if pictures and graphs are included it will be longer. But the verbiage portion should be generally no more than 4-pages doubled spaced. This would equate to approximately 2-pages per investment theme.

2. Clearly state your idea and the security/stock used to express that idea.

3. Fundamental analysis: include supportive evidence including, macro-economic backdrop germane to your idea, industry/sector specific data, and finally firm-level.

4. Technical analysis: the timing aspects of your idea will include, "the when" everything in above will happen. For example, your idea and security/stock may be a good investment idea but "the when" to take that investment, theme live and go into a trade is a different story. For example, since Q3 2016 macro-economic data has soften and peaking but has not peaked. Although the economic backdrop lends itself well for a short-bias investment strategy, the data has not peaked. Simply we are nearing a recession, but the recession has not materialized which is an essential element for a short-bias strategy. Simply, a self-directed-active-aggressive investor may decide to short various markets, just simply "not now."

5. Model development: You will use at a minimum two-stage technical analysis of the security you are using to express your investment idea. The two-stage process simply means you are using two rules to time your investment. Example of S&P 500 that we are currently developing in class.

6. Conclusion: reiterate your findings without bias to "sell" me on the idea that your particular investment idea will work.

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Macroeconomics: Analysis of macro-economic backdrop germane to idea
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