Analysis of codes of conduct


Unit 5 Assignment: Analysis of Codes of Conduct

Find a code of conduct of an organization in which you are interested through Internet research. Remember that different organizations use different phrases and terms to title their codes of conduct, so you may need to use combinations of keywords and phrases in your research (like "code of ethics," "code of conduct," "code of professional responsibility," etc.).

Compare and contrast the code of conduct you select with PMI's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

(n.d.) in terms of organization, content, and specificity. Then present a real or hypothetical project scenario in which a Project Manager would be subject to both of these codes. Explain what section(s) of each code would apply to the scenario and discuss what actions would and would not be appropriate for the project manager, given your interpretation of these applicable sections of the two codes.

Your paper must contain the following titled sections:

· Introduction (present a thesis and explain how the body of the paper is arranged to support the thesis)

· Organization of the Codes (Compare and contrast the organization of the two documents in this section)

· Content of the Codes (Compare and contrast the content of the two documents in this section)

· Specificity of the Codes (Compare and contrast the degree of specificity of the two documents in this section)

· Project Management Scenario

· Sections of the Two Codes Applicable to the Scenario

· Analysis and Discussion of Acceptable Behaviors in the Scenario Based on the Codes

· Conclusion (The main points of the paper are summarized and synthesized)


· Be sure your composition contains all the titled sections for each of the above areas.

· Both codes of conduct must be referenced and cited and at least two additional scholarly references must be used. Acceptable references are course materials and scholarly sources from the Kaplan Library only. Your sources should follow proper APA format. (Review the APA formats found in the Kaplan Writing Center. To access the Kaplan Writing Center, select this link.).

· Your paper must contain 5 to 7 pages of content, not including the cover page and list of references.

· Review the Rubric below to ensure all points have been captured in the Assignment.


Project Management Institute (PMI). (n.d.). Code of ethics and professional conduct.

Retrieved from

Directions for Submitting Your Assignment

Save your Assignment as Username-GM594 Assignment-Unit#.xls (Example: TAllen- GM594 Assignment-Unit 5.xls). Submit your file by selecting the Unit 5 Assignment Dropbox by the end of Unit 5.

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