Analysis of a decision process


Your challenge is to conduct a thorough analysis of a decision process. You are welcome to draw an example from within your work environment, or choose an issue from somewhere else. The idea is to analyze the decision from an overall perspective using the various elements talked about by bazerman. Please draw from the various concepts as appropriate. Hopefully, this will solidify the theme that decision making is a complex process. Subjects to address might include:

The influence of the context on the overall decision making process.

How time pressure, or lack thereof, influenced the process.

Whether or not the process evolved within the decision making event. For example, did the process become more rational or less rational?

Were there any particular influences from power individual or deeply embedded organizational beliefs?

Remember that the overall goal is to demonstrate the ability to insightfully analyze a decision. Examples are also quite useful.

Remember that "as brevity is the soul of wit, so parsimony is the soul of a cogent argument."

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Other Management: Analysis of a decision process
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