American college of healthcare executives code of ethics


Read Silva article on ‘Organizational Ethics'. In the article there is a case study (down) regarding the allocation of scarce resources.

Administrative Ethical Issues:

Jane's Story Jane, a 31-year-old master's prepared public health nurse, held one of the highest level positions in the State Health Department, that of Director, Division of Primary Care. Although employed there for only two months, Jane was responsible for monitoring millions of dollars of federal and state appropriations specifically earmarked for pediatric disease prevention in District 10. However, District 10 had two indigent populations: young families with children and elderly persons with chronic diseases. Jane soon discovered that her predecessor Dr. Ralston - an elderly physician who had held the position for 35 years - diverted much of the appropriated pediatric funds to the indigent elderly. She brought her concerns to Dr. Mason, the Director of the State Health Department for the past 20 years. He dismissed her concerns and reminded her of his power and her lack of longevity with the agency. Jane knew that the federal and state appropriations were the only monies for pediatric disease prevention for the indigent children in District 10. She also knew that the indigent elderly in District 10 desperately needed services too. What ought Jane to do?

The question to be answered is

Read the American College of Healthcare Executives Code of Ethics (ACHE)

- What areas within the ACHE code of ethics did the previous Director violate? Briefly explain. (Refers to the case discussed in Silva article UP)

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Business Law and Ethics: American college of healthcare executives code of ethics
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