Agricultural crop commodity

You invest $10,000 in an agricultural crop commodity today.

Question 1. What commodity did you select? Why?

Question 2. Use the internet to check today's prices as listed in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's crop reports at their worldwide website:

a. What is the price now?

b. What was the price a year ago?

c. If you bought the commodity one year ago at the price back then; then would you have made a profit or loss based on the price today?

d. For your profit or loss, write a sentence offering a possible explanation for the profit or loss

Question 3. Research the benefits and risks associated with annuities. Based on your research, select one particular type of annuity in which you might consider investing. Describe why you have selected this annuity and how it fits into your personal financial picture. Note: You do not need to disclose personal financial details, just be specific about how this annuity fits your plans.

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