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  Agricultural and environmental microbiology  

Question 1: Write down a brief note on microbiology of air organisms.

Question 2: Write down the importance of Microbial Inoculant and carriers. What are the criteria needed for ideal carries for Biofertilizer?

Question 3: Write down the different types of aquatic eco systems. Describe any two in detail.

Question 4: Write brief account on activated sludge process and trickling filter.

Question 5: Write down the mode of deterioration of textiles. State the organism included in it. Write down its benefits.

Question 6: Describe how will you evaluate the air quality? Give short account on airborne diseases.

Question 7: Describe the significance of soil micro organisms. Write down the role of microbes in soil fertility. Add critical notes on Rhizosphere effect.

Question 8: Write down the important steps included in preparing pseudomonas bio-fertilizer. What are the significant phosphate soluhlizers? Write the method of phosphate solublization in soil.

Question 9: Define the term potable water. What are the significant tests adopted to evaluate the microbial quality of water. Describe them in detail.

Question 10: Describe the various treatment methods adopted to treat liquid wastes. Write vital notes on BOD.

Question 11: In brief describe the given terms:

a) Rhizosphere.
b) Aerosol.
c) Phyllosphere.
d) PGPR.
e) Azolla.

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