After three decades of debate about the relative merits of

Question 1. Because young children are more likely to describe themselves in concrete terms, a twelve-year-old is more likely to say __________

"I like computer games."

"I have black hair."

"I am shy."

"I am good at math."

Question 2. According to the text, self-concept is first apparent in ___________





Question 3. In reference to the early childhood learning environment, social ecology refers to __________

a specific subject covered in social studies.

what and how children learn about protecting the environment.

what and how children learn interactive skills such as dancing and coordinated play.

the various ways in which children interact with each other.

Question 4. Hiding a toddler's animal-sounds toy under a blanket and having the child search for it would help the child learn about __________


object permanence.



Question 5. Why do young children often have difficulty with American currency?

American money comes in too many shapes.

Larger coins can have less value than smaller coins.

American money uses the base ten system, which is confusing.

American paper bills come in a variety of confusing colors.

Question 6. Since children vary in their degree of understanding of symbolic representation of numbers, the teacher should __________

have the entire class work together on a single activity.

spend most of the time explaining it to the entire class.

have a math professor from a local university explain it.

work with students individually and in small groups.

Question 7. Primary-grade teachers should encourage students to __________

downplay the importance of grammar and spelling.

experiment with invented spelling.

use critical thinking skills when writing.

read more picture books.

Question 8. After three decades of debate about the relative merits of the phonics approach and the whole-language approach, researchers are starting to reach a consensus that ___________

the phonics approach is best.

the whole-language approach is best.

a balanced approach combining the two is best.

neither approach works well and a new and better approach needs to be developed.

Question 9. Environmental print __________

is most effective when it is on every available item.

should be at the children's eye level when possible.

should highlight one particular type of text so students are not overloaded.

includes picture books and early reader books.

Question 10.  Oral storytelling in the classroom __________

has only tenuous connections to promoting literacy, but children really enjoy it.

works best when it involves a complex story with many plot twists.

should involve the children as participants as much as possible.

should avoid rhyming and alliteration, which can distract children from the plot.

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