Adding some additional context for our mission and vision

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Adding some additional context for our Mission and Vision.  Its basically a verbal of my thought process, to help bridge it into our paper - instead of our just the statements themselves.
Our Mission and VisionOur mission is based on the belief that that the simplicity of the solution is the cornerstone of its success.  Further, that product's function, features and quality along with its ability to be unobtrusive and easily used, is paramount to it success.  Hoodini cannot lose sight of its simplicity as it aggressively pursues the market.  Yes, the concept of Hoodini really is 'that simple' and Hoodini's team needs to remain focused on that.Keep it simple, to solve a common problem with ingenuity, function, and quality craftsmanship that is transportable, hands-free, always there, and doesn't break or get lost.Our vision if for Hoodini to be there when you need it, tucked away when you don't.  You don't need to think about whether it's going to rain today or how much it's going to rain today.  Hoodini will simply be there, melding into your busy life, so just grab your backpack and go.  Hoodini will fit your lifestyle without the purchase of a specific backpack.  Pick your color and style, to match your needs and your backpack.Be the leading rain cover for people on the go, rooted in simplicity, portability and your personality. 

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Business Management: Adding some additional context for our mission and vision
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