About the proposed gasoline tax


State and Local Public Finance

For this assignment, create a title page that includes your name and the first three lines in the heading above. Use an 11 point font size and standard margins for the document. Indent the first word of every paragraph and use single-spacing.

For this assignment you will write an op-ed article for your recommendation about the proposed gasoline tax. An op-ed article is an opinion piece designed to convince your audience about the correct position on the issue. It is supposed to be short, informal, and persuasive.

1. Begin by reviewing the link in Carmon on how to write an op-ed piece.

2. Assume your target audience is the readers of the Columbus Dispatch.

3. Your op-ed paper should be between 500 and 800 words. The 800 word limit is a hard ceiling.

4. Normally you would not have to formally cite your sources in an op-ed piece, but since this is an academic exercise you should provide a works cited list and citations for any information that you use in your document. Use the MLA format for your citations. (A link for the MLA format can be found on Carmen.)

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Microeconomics: About the proposed gasoline tax
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