Abc corporation designs web sites and has been facing the

ABC Corporation designs web sites and has been facing the following network problems for the past one month:

  • Slowness of network
  • Poor application response time
  • Delays and latencies introduced by networking components
  • Unwanted traffic

Based on your understanding of the topic, answer the following questions:

  • Evaluate if base lining of the network will help ABC Corporation. Will this solve all the problems? Discuss.
  • Suggest an alternative solution to the network engineers at ABC Corporation, if the problem does not present itself in base lining.
  • Describe the type of information you will learn from base lining the ABC Corporation.

Also, the organization has one Computer-Aided Design (CAD)/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) server and one CAD/CAM client. There is an exchange of heavy jpeg and mpeg files between the server and the client. As per baseline data, the response time between the server and the client should be less than 105 milliseconds. But during the past few weeks the response time has drastically increased to 260 milliseconds.

  • State the approach you would adopt for troubleshooting to find out the location where the time delay is being introduced?¬† Explain the factors likely to cause this delay.
  • Suggest SNMP agents and traps for possible problem devices.
  • Propose a methodology to identify the root cause of the problem by analyzing the gathered traps.

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