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Answer the following true or false. Explain.

(a) In a throttling process, energy and exergy are conserved.

(b) If unit costs are based on exergy, we expect the unit cost of the electricity generated by a turbine to be greater than the unit cost of the high-pressure steam provided to the turbine.

(c) When a closed system is at the dead state, it is in thermal and mechanical equilibrium with the exergy reference environment, and the values of the system's energy and thermomechanical exergy are each zero.

(d) The thermomechanical exergy at a state of a system can be thought of as the magnitude of the minimum theoretical work required to bring the system from the dead state to the given state.

(e) The exergy transfer accompanying heat transfer occurring at 1000 K is greater than the exergy transfer accompanying an equivalent heat transfer occurring at T0 5 300 K.

(f) When products of combustion are at a temperature significantly greater than required by a specified task, we say the task is well matched to the fuel source.

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Mechanical Engineering: A in anbspthrottlingnbspprocess energynbspandnbspexergy are
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