A comparative study of vietnamese and american customers

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We have attempted to point out, that in any inter-personal communication in general, and at the negotiating table in particular, we have to be aware of the people involved, their personal styles, and the various forms of communication.

If trying to figure out: "does he mean what he says, or does he say what he means," is not hard enough, than when we add diversity of cultures and differences of character, it may seem like an insurmountable peak to climb.
Please read the following article, (access via Pro Quest) that take us on a comparative journey between West and East, and how certain negotiation aspects are perceived respectively:

Van, D. T. T. (2009). A Comparative Study of Vietnamese and American Customers' Behavior in Negotiation Style and Implications for Global Pricing Strategy Journal of Global Business Issues. Burbank:Summer 2009. Vol. 3, Iss. 2, p. 25-32 (8 pp.)

Please pay special attention to the personal styles and preferences between the two target groups.

Case Assignment

After carefully reading through the article, please answer (in about three pages), the following questions:

1. How would you describe the personal style and preferences of the negotiators in the Far-East vs. the Westerners?

2. What practical lessons have you learned from this module regarding a possible negotiation session with the Far Easteners? Point out at least three and explain in depth.

Assignment Expectations:

1. Do not summarize the article

2. Human behaviors are diverse and much more so when we have cultural differences between the two sides - point them out.

3. Focus and insight should be given to question 2 above.

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Business Management: A comparative study of vietnamese and american customers
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