a calculate the crc for the frame belowframe

a) Calculate the CRC for the frame below:

Frame: 1101011011

Generator: 10011

Message after appending 4 zero bits: 11010110110000

b) OSI refers to a system in which any number of standards or protocols may be used to address one or more of the functions with any of the layers of the model.

i. State the three responsibilities of the data link layer.

ii. Layer 4, the transport layer provides an additional connection beneath the session layer. What are the 4 considerations that the transport layer ensures?

iii. Explain briefly the role of the physical layer.

c) In the context of IP addressing:

i. What does the message which has only 1's in the address imply?

ii. Which IP address is used by hosts when they are being booted and not used afterwards?

iii. Specify the range of host addresses in a Class D network.

iv. Give the Class E IP address format.

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Computer Networking: a calculate the crc for the frame belowframe
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