1 hughes and hunt maintain that the neutrality principle

1. Hughes and Hunt maintain that the neutrality principle requires that government authorities remain neutral regarding alternative conceptions of the ________.

2. According to the traditional view about sexuality it is morally permissible to separate the pleasure function of sexual acts from their procreation. True or False

3. Marquis thinks that the moral prohibition on abortion has no exceptions. True or False

4. According to Marquis' argument, abortion is morally wrong because the fetus belongs to the moral community. True or False

5. According to Hooker's distinction between passive and active euthanasia, interrupting a treatment in progress (e.g., shutting off life support systems) that would extend a patient's life is a case of active euthanasia. True or False

6. Normative ethics is an empirical inquiry that seeks to examine, record, and compare the actual moral beliefs, norms, practices, and behavior of people in their ordinary everyday social environment. True or False

7. The impartiality characteristic of the moral domain means that moral norms apply equally to all those who are part of the moral community and are identically situated. True or False

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