What is SDLC

Discuss the term SDLC? Describe several SDLC models and explain them in brief?




A software cycle deals with the different parts and phases starting from the planning to testing and then deploying. All these activities are performed in different manner, according to the requirements.

Some of the SDLC models are as follows:

a) The Linear model (Waterfall):

i) Isolated and different phases of the specification and development

ii) All the activities in linear fashion.

iii) Next phase starts only when the first one gets completed.

b) Evolutionary development:

i) The specification and the development are interleaved.

ii) Incremental Model.

iii) RAD(Rapid Application Development) - Focus is on developing the quality product in less time

iv) Spiral Model - We begin from the smaller module and keeps on building it just like a spiral. It is also known as the Component based development.

c) Formal systems development:

i) A mathematical system model is formally converted to an implementation.

d) Agile Methods

i) Inducing the flexibility into the development.

e) Reuse-based development:

i) The system is accumulated from the existing elements.

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