What is Round robin allocation

Round robin allocation: It is an allocation of time slices which repeatedly cycles regarding a set of eligible threads in the fixed order.

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    Iteration: The repetition of a set of statements, generally employing a looping control structure, like a while loop, for loop and do loop.

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    Precedence rules: The rules which determine the order of computation of an expression comprising more than one operator. The operators of higher precedence are computed before those of lower precedence. For example, in the expression x+y*z, the multip

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    What is BLAST in program model checking: The abbreviation is Berkeley Lazy Abstraction Software Verification Tool (BLAST) is a software model checker for C programs. The main goal of BLAST (BLAST website) is to be able to check that software satisfies

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    HyperText Markup Language: The HyperText Markup Language (abbreviated as HTML) is a simple presentation language employed to markup the content of the Web pages. Its tags appear frequently in pairs to mark sections of text which must be represented in

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    What is a Method body: It is a body of a method: everything within the outermost block of the method.

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    Strings, Pointers, Arrays, Structures, and File I/O in C

    In this lab you will develop a few programs that will give you some practice with pointers, arrays, str

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    Central Processing Unit: The Central Processing Unit (that is, CPU) is the heart of a computer as it is the portion that includes the computer's capability to follow instructions. Each kind of CPU has its own instruction set.

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    What is testing?

  • Q : Benefits of the event-delegation model

    Write down some of the benefits of the event-delegation model over event-inheritance model?

  • Q : Function prototypes Function prototypes

    Function prototypes: Function declaration which specifies the function name, return type and parameter list of the function.

    Syntax: return_type function_name(type var1, type var2,…