What is Round robin allocation

Round robin allocation: It is an allocation of time slices which repeatedly cycles regarding a set of eligible threads in the fixed order.

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  • Q : Explain Program counter Program counter

    Program counter: A program counter is an integral portion of a computer's Central Processing Unit. It includes a reference to the memory address of the subsequent instruction to be fetched, ready to be executed throughout the next fetch-execute cycle.

  • Q : File handling modes and corresponding

    Q : Define Out of scope Out of scope : It

    Out of scope: It is a variable is in scope as long as the program's flow of control is in the variable's defining block. Or else, this is out of scope.

  • Q : Explain Copy constructor Copy

    Copy constructor: It is a constructor which takes a single argument of similar class. For illustration:

        public class Point {

  • Q : Explain If statement If statement : A

    If statement: A control structure employed to select between performing or not performing additional actions.

            // Statements

  • Q : Define the term Punctuation Define the

    Define the term Punctuation: Symbols like commas and semicolons that a compiler employs to understand the structure of the program.

  • Q : Automaton distributed in the class

    Write a code in a c++/java  for the automaton distributed in the class which accepts keywords(cat,bat,cab). Create an input file with these words may be two or three copies of these words scattered in a paragraph and show that your program does accept these words and gives an output to that

  • Q : Explain LURCH LURCH (Menzies et al.

    LURCH (Menzies et al. 2004) uses random search to explore a state machine’s state space. Because the search is random, it gives no guarantee that the state space has been exhaustively explored, so LURCH cannot be used for verification. However,

  • Q : Message and method in programming

    Illustrate the basic difference between the message and method in programming?

  • Q : Define Accessor method Accessor method

    Accessor method: A technique specifically designed to offer access to a private attribute of a class. By convention, we name accessors with a get prefix followed by the name of the attribute being accessed. For example, the accessor for an attribute n