What is Round robin allocation

Round robin allocation: It is an allocation of time slices which repeatedly cycles regarding a set of eligible threads in the fixed order.

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  • Q : Explain Look-and-feel Look-and-feel :

    Look-and-feel: The visual impression and interaction style given by a user interface. This is mainly the responsibility of the window manager (that is, in collaboration with the fundamental operating system) running on a specific computer. This refers

  • Q : Explain Imperative programming

    Imperative programming: The style of programming generally related with languages such as FORTRAN, C, Pascal and so forth. Imperative programming is differentiated from functional programming in that the previous is strongly tied to the idea of variab

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    Reflection: It is the ability to find out what fields, methods, constructors, and so forth, are stated for an object or class. Reflection is supported by the Class ‘class’, and other classes in the java.lang.reflect package. Reflection mak

  • Q : Define Short-circuit operator

    Short-circuit operator: It is an operator in which only as a lot of operands are computed as are required to determine the final outcome of the operation. The logical-and (&&) and logical-or (||) operators are most general illustration, though

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    What are the different compatibility types when creating a COM COMPONENT?

  • Q : Explain Synchronized statement

    Synchronized statement: It is a statement in which an object-lock should be obtained for the target object prior to the body of the statement and can be entered. Employed to enclose a critical section in order to save a race hazard.

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    Write a program that initializes an integer array a[20] with values {0, 1, 2, 3, ...18, 19 - once each} then scrambles them up and prints the values in random order.

    For example: 19 2 3 8 11 1 4 17 7 15 9 0 16 12 18 13 5 6 10 14



  • Q : What is HSB Color Model HSB Color Model

    HSB Color Model: A color model based on symbolizing a color as 3-components: hue, saturation and brightness. This is at times termed as the HSV color model - hue, saturation and value.

  • Q : Define the term Top level class Define

    Define the term Top level class: It is a class defined either at outermost level of a package or the static nested class.

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    The web page I am testing displays the Login dialog. How can I access this dialog?