What is Round robin allocation

Round robin allocation: It is an allocation of time slices which repeatedly cycles regarding a set of eligible threads in the fixed order.

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  • Q : State De Morgans Theorem De Morgan's

    De Morgan's Theorem: The two rules which can help to simplify Boolean expressions comprising multiple logical-not operators in combination with the other Boolean operators.

  • Q : Explain Conditional operator

    Conditional operator: It is an operator taking three operands that is, a ternary operator. The conditional operator (?:) is employed in the form

    bexpr ? expr1 : expr2

    Q : ArrayLists I. The Assignment The

    I. The Assignment

    The Bashemin Parking Garage contains a single lane that can hold up to ten cars.  Arriving cars enter the garage at the rear and are parked in the empty space nearest to the front.  Departing cars exit only from the front. 

    If a cu

  • Q : What is Behavior Behavior : It is the

    Behavior: It is the methods of a class which implement its behavior. A particular object's behavior is a mixture of the method definitions of its class and the present state of the object.

  • Q : Distinct features of Object oriented

    Q. What are the distinct features of Object oriented programming language?


    Q : Write a program that initializes an

    Write a program that initializes an integer array a[20] with values {0, 1, 2, 3, ...18, 19 - once each} then scrambles them up and prints the values in random order.

    For example: 19 2 3 8 11 1 4 17 7 15 9 0 16 12 18 13 5 6 10 14



  • Q : What is Low level programming languages

    Low level programming languages: It is frequently termed as `assembly languages’; these give little more than the fundamental instruction set of a particular Central Processing Unit. Therefore programs written in low level programming languages

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    How class can be prevented from inheriting further?

  • Q : Define the types of kernel objects

    Define the types of kernel objects.

  • Q : Explain the differences among SEI

    What in your advice are the most important fundamental differences among SEI SW-CMM and ISO 9000-3?