What is Round robin allocation

Round robin allocation: It is an allocation of time slices which repeatedly cycles regarding a set of eligible threads in the fixed order.

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  • Q : Property Specifications of Java

    Property Specifications: The most straightforward way to specify and check simple safety properties in JPF is to use Java assertions inside the application under analysis. This allows the specification of properties that only depend on the application

  • Q : What is File Transfer Protocol or FTP

    File Transfer Protocol: The File Transfer Protocol (abbreviated as FTP) states a standard set of rules which make it probable to transfer a file from one file system to the other.

  • Q : Define Case sensitive Case sensitive :

    Case sensitive: The test which is sensitive to whether a character is in upper-case (example, 'A') or lower-case (example, 'a').

  • Q : Define Encapsulation Encapsulation :

    Encapsulation: Safeguarding the state of objects by stating its attributes as private and channeling entrance to them via accessor and mutator techniques.

  • Q : How class can be prevented from

    How class can be prevented from inheriting further?

  • Q : What is Single inheritance Single

    Single inheritance: In Java, a class might not extend more than one class. It means that Java has a single inheritance model for the class inheritance.

  • Q : Write a program that prints out all

    Write a program that prints out all prime numbers between 1 and 1000. Print the values out ten per line, with digits lined in proper columns.

  • Q : Calculate the summation of 1 to some

    Write two programs to calculate the summation of 1 to some integer n using a function called

    int summation(int n)

    a) Using a non recursive solution, with a for(i=1, i<=n; i++) loop and b) using a recursive solution, based on the following conditions summation(n) = summation(n-1

  • Q : Components of ASP.NET AJAX architecture

    Name the components of ASP.NET AJAX architecture?

  • Q : What is Namespace Namespace: It is the

    Namespace: It is the region of a program in which specific identifiers are visible. Java employs packages to give namespaces, and its visibility rules: package, private, protected, public-variously include identifiers within the namespaces.