What is Living Modified Organism

What do you mean by the term LMO or Living Modified Organism?




Living Modified Organism means any living organism that consists of the genetically modified material in it by using the modern bio technology. It could be sterile, injections or virus.

Generally, in the Bio-Technology interviews, applicants will be asked for handling a seminar related to their main scientific subject.

In this scenario, applicant must check before with HR as to who will be audience and what exact skill sets are they are looking for in order to fill this position. This will provide help to the applicant to do a research on it before hand and may get fully prepared for the seminar. The applicant must make sure that presentation is well prepared, executed and tailored to the audience. Also make sure, you have given them good introduction regarding your subject however talk in brief and do not go in detail. Talk more about their company and business press. Determine out if they have any competitors and do research over them. You may talk regarding adopting their style of working for any kind of improvement within this company.

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