What is Intel Pentium

What do you meant by the term Intel Pentium?




The Intel Pentium is defined as a series of the microprocessors first designed by the Intel Corporation. These kinds of the processors have been found in several personal computers since the year 1993.

There have been a number of Pentium processor lines starting with base Pentium in the year 1993.

a) In the Pentium III processor, bus speed is usually 133 MHz (though there were a few with 100 MHz). The lowest bus speed over the Pentium IV is 400 MHz, and there are versions with the much higher speeds (topping at 1066 MHz for "extreme edition").

b) Pentium 4s are smaller in comparison to the Pentium IIIs

c) Pentium III processors had (for the most part) around 512 KB of cache. Pentium 4 processors, otherwise, start at 512 KB.

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