What is Intel chipset

Discuss about any three Intel chipset.




a) Intel P55 Express Chipset- Desktop PC platforms based upon the Intel® P55 Express Chipset joined with the Intel® Core™ i7-800 series processors and Intel® Core™ i5-700 series processors develops the intelligent performance for the rapid multi-tasking, digital media creation and gaming.
b) Intel HD55 Express Chipset- A new design developed to convey the quality, performance, and industry-leading I/O technologies over the platforms powered by the Intel® Core™ i7-800, Intel® Core™ i5, and Intel® Core™ i3 processors.

c) Intel E7500 Chipset- A large volume of chipset provide supports to the dual-processor (DP) server systems optimized for the Intel® Xeon® processor.

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