What are Tax Expenditures

Tax Expenditures: The subsidies offered via the taxation systems by generating deductions, credits and exclusions of certain kinds of income or expenditures which would otherwise be taxable.

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  • Q : Explain Public Service Enterprise Fund

    Public Service Enterprise Funds: For legal base accounting purposes, the fund categorization which identifies funds utilized to account for the transactions of self-supporting enterprises which render goods or services for a direct charge to user (tha

  • Q : Examples of high debt levels companies

    Give two instances of types of companies which would be best able to handle high debt levels.
    Companies which handle local telephone service and those which handle natural gas delivery to consumers would be assumed to comfortably be able to handl

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    The different Gateways for biometric are as following:

    Transaction security: this is to secure customers transactions and so to protect their privacy both remotely and onsite.

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    Describe the bird in the hand theory of cash dividends.
    The bird in the hand dividends theory says that dividends attained now are better than a promise of future dividends. Uncertainty is resolved while a dividend is paid.

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    Describe how to resolve a "ranking conflict" among the net present value and the internal rate of return. Why should the conflict be resolved as you described?
    Whenever there is a ranking conflict among net present value and internal rate of re

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    General Fund (GF): For lawful basis accounting and budgeting aims, the predominant fund for the financing state government programs, employed to account for revenues that are not particularly designated to be accounted for by another fund. The main so

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    Fund: A lawful budgeting and accounting entity which offers for the segregation of moneys or other resources in the State Treasury for obligations in accordance with particular restrictions or limitations. A separate set of accounts should be maintain

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