Ways to select HTML Tag Instances

Explain the different ways in order to select the HTML Tag Instances.




If you describe a style property for the HTML tag, this definition will apply to all the instances of that tag within the whole document. If you wish to apply several style property values to various instances of same tag, you require utilizing the tag selection mechanisms described in the CSS:

a) Tag Selector – It selects all the instances of HTML tag.

b) Contextual Selector - It selects all the instances of a HTML tag nested within the other specified tags.

c) Class Selector - It selects all the HTML tags which matches the class name described in the tag attribute of class="class_name".

d) ID Selector - It selects all the HTML tags which matches id name described within the tag attribute of id="id_name".

e) Group Selector - It selects several HTML tags.

f) Mixed Selector - It selects instances of the HTML tags mixed with the other selectors.

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