Wage Differentials

I have a problem in economics on Wage Differentials. Please help me in the following question. The major determinants of the wage differentials comprise: (1) General human capital needs. (2) Working conditions. (3) Occupational crowding (4) Specific human capital needs. (5) All the above.

Choose the appropriate option.

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  • Q : Transformation of Predictable Income

    The transformation of predictable income streams within wealth is termed as: (i) monetization. (ii) financial arbitrage. (iii) capitalization. (iv) seignorage. (v) capital accumulation.

    How can I solve my E

  • Q : Determine demands for relatively price

    When technological advances within agriculture generate bumper crops of farm products for that demands are relatively price inelastic, in that case the: (w) average income of farmers will decline relative to per capita income for the

  • Q : Long-run supply curve in constant cost

    When cranberries are a constant cost industry and that firm is typical, in that case the industry’s long-run supply curve is curve as: (i) curve A. (ii) curve B. (iii) curve C. (iv) curve D. (v) curve E.

    Q : Consequences of the price floor

    Consequences of the price floor: The consequences of price floor might be: (A) Surplus of the commodity (B) The government might resort to buffer stocks to absorb the excess in the market at the support price and sells the products to consumers beneat

  • Q : Change in the price of a resource A

    A change in the price of a resource will cause a modification in the: (w) demand for the resource. (x) supply of the resource. (y) quantity demanded of the resource. (z) demand for the good the resource produces.


  • Q : Weakest and least efficient producers

    Cartels are generally supported most strongly by: (w) the largest and most efficient producers in the industry. (x) the weakest and least efficient producers in the industry. (y) buyers of the output of the industry. (z) consumer advocate groups.

  • Q : Problem on effect of a price decrease

    1. Is it possible for any country to have made gains in access (at the expense of quality) of their rural healthcare system, without any gains in efficiency?  Explain using a PPF diagram.

    2. If the own price elasticity for a good is -2.5, what is the l

  • Q : Short-run consequence of hurricanes

    A probable short-run consequence of a devastating sequence of hurricanes smashing by Florida would be: (w) reductions within the prices of building materials. (x) raises the price of tickets at Disney World. (y) declining demand for Florida oranges due to higher price

  • Q : Profit maximized by nondiscriminating

    A nondiscriminating unregulated monopolist maximizes profit by: (w) charging the highest price the market will bear. (x) often changing designs and building in planned obsolescence. (y) setting marginal costs equal to marginal revenue [MC = MR]. (z) s

  • Q : Economists conceive of any resource

    Economists can’t conceive of any resource or product for which the: (i) Price elasticity of demand is zero (0) and the demand curve is vertical. (ii) Price elasticity of supply is zero (0) and supply curve is vertical. (iii) Income elasticity of

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