$100 is received at the beginning of year 1, $200 is received at the beginning of year 2, and $300 is received at the beginning of year 3. If these cash flows are deposited at 12 percent, their combined future value at the end of year 3 is

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  • Q : Define the term year of Completion Year

    Year of Completion (YOC): This is the last fiscal year for which the appropriation is accessible for encumbrance or expenditure.

  • Q : Describe risks related with using

    Describe risks related with using a large amount of short-term financing for working capital?
    By using a large amount of short-term financing usually allows funds to be raised at a lower cost however raise the firm's risk.

  • Q : Define Grants Grants : It is generally

    Grants: It is generally used to explain amounts of money received by an organization for a particular purpose however with no obligation to repay (that is, in contrast to a loan, though the award might stipulate the repayment of funds under some situa

  • Q : Define Revolving Fund Revolving Fund :

    Revolving Fund: Usually refers to a cash account termed as an office revolving fund (ORF). This is not a fund however an advance from an appropriation. The agencies might use the cash advance to pay out ORF checks for instant requirements, as specifie

  • Q : Explain the term Balance Available

    Explain the term Balance Available: In regards to a fund, it is the surplus of resources over uses. For budgeting aims, the balance accessible in a fund condition is the carry-in balance, net of any preceding year adjustments, plus revenues and transf

  • Q : Define Reversion Reversion : The return

    Reversion: The return of the unused part of an appropriation to the fund from which the appropriation was made, usually two years (that is, four years for federal funds) after the last day of an appropriation’s accessibility period. The Budget A

  • Q : Financial Account & International fund


    The Financial Account captures international fund flows due to i._____. ii. Briefly Explain?


    (i)    Purchase and selling of assets

    (ii)   The Financial Account captures th

  • Q : What is Finance Letter Finance Letter

    Finance Letter (FL): The proposals made, by the Director of Finance to the chairpersons of the budget committees in each and every house, to amend the Budget Bill and the Governor's Budget from that presented on January 10 to reflect a revised plan of

  • Q : Analysis On Financial Indices On a

    On a weekly basis, starting from week ending on 18/1, you need to produce a weekly performance report of the major indices around the world following this structure: 

    a. USD vs Yen, vs GBP(GBP/USD), vs. Swiss Franc (USD/CHF)
    b. Euro vs USD, Y

  • Q : Explain Category Transfer Category

    Category Transfer: It is a permitted transfer between categories or functions within the similar schedule of an appropriation. These transfers are currently authorized by Control Section 26.00 of the Budget Act (and proceeding to 1996-97, by Section 6

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