$100 is received at the beginning of year 1, $200 is received at the beginning of year 2, and $300 is received at the beginning of year 3. If these cash flows are deposited at 12 percent, their combined future value at the end of year 3 is

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  • Q : Which ratios would long-term bond

    Which ratios would a potential long-term bond investor is most interested in? Describe.
    Current & potential lenders of long-term funds, such like banks & bondholders, are interested in debt ratios. While a business's debt ratios rise sig

  • Q : Explain Governors Budget Summary or

    Governor's Budget Summary (or A-Pages): This is a companion publication to the Governor’s Budget which outlines the Governor’s goals, policies, and objectives for the budget year. This gives a perspective on important fiscal and/or structu

  • Q : Define Accrual Basis of Accounting

    Accrual Basis of Accounting: The foundation of accounting in which transactions are identified whenever they take place, regardless of when cash is disbursed or received. The revenue is recorded whenever earned, and expenses are recor

  • Q : Contrast prescribed benefit and

    Compare and contrast a prescribed benefit and contribution pension plan.
    In a prescribed benefit plan, retirement benefits are determined by a formula that typically considers the worker's age, salary, and years of service.  The employee and

  • Q : Describe Schedule 10 Schedule 10 :

    Schedule 10: (Supplementary Schedule of Appropriations): The Department of Finance control document listing all the appropriations and allocations of funds accessible for expenditure throughout the past, present, and budget years. Such documents are s

  • Q : What is Special Fund for Economic

    Special Fund for Economic Uncertainties: It is a fund in the General Fund (that is, a similar reserve is involved in each special fund) authorized by the statute and Budget Act Control Section 12.30 to offer for emergency situations.

  • Q : Explain three career opportunities in

    List and explain the three career opportunities in the field of finance.
    Finance has three main career paths: financial management, financial markets and institutions, and investments.

    • Financial managem

  • Q : Finance associated to the fields of

    How is finance associated to the fields of economics and accounting?

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