$100 is received at the beginning of year 1, $200 is received at the beginning of year 2, and $300 is received at the beginning of year 3. If these cash flows are deposited at 12 percent, their combined future value at the end of year 3 is

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  • Q : Does high operating leverage mean high

    Does high operating leverage for all time mean high business risk? Describe.
    High operating leverage does not for all time mean high business risk. If the company's sales are fairly stable then the variation into operating income would be smal

  • Q : Define Appropriations Limit

    Appropriations Limit, State (SAL): The constitutional limit on the expansion of some appropriations from tax proceeds usually set to the level of the previous year's appropriation limit as adjusted for modifications in cost of living

  • Q : Describe who owns a credit union

    Describe who owns a credit union?
    Credit unions are owned through their members. While credit union members put money in their credit union, they are not "depositing" the money technically.  In spite of, they are purchasing shares of the cr

  • Q : How do mergers influence communities

    How do mergers influence communities?
    While a locally controlled bank is merged into a bank headquartered elsewhere (an out-of-market merger), some of the apprehension regarding the institution's future commitment to the local community is bound

  • Q : Describe benefits of the JIT inventory

    Describe the benefits of the JIT inventory control system?

    The just-in-time (JIT) inventory control system lowers inventory carrying costs & tends to raise quality.


  • Q : Define Employee Compensation or

    Employee Compensation or Retirement: Salary, advantage, employer retirement rate contribution adjustments, and any other associated statewide compensation adjustments for the state employees. Different 9800 Items of the Budget Act suitable funds for c

  • Q : Why do analysts compute financial ratios

    Why do analysts compute financial ratios?
    Ratios are comparative measures.  Since the ratio illustrates relative value, they let financial analysts to compare information which could not be compared in its raw form.  For instance, rati

  • Q : Explain Equity Financing Equity

    Equity Financing: New or small businesses might find it hard to get debt financing therefore they turn to equity funding. The Equity financing frequently comes from non-professional investors like family, friends, or employees. This can as well come f

  • Q : What is Budget Change Proposal Budget

    Budget Change Proposal (BCP): It is a proposal to modify the level of service or funding sources for activities sanctioned by the Legislature, suggest new program activities not presently authorized, or to remove existing programs.

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