utility function

notes on separable utility function in microeconomics

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  • Q : Cross-elasticity coefficient When the

    When the number of textbooks sold falls/drops 10 percent whenever college tuitions double, textbooks and college enrollments are _____ goods and their cross-elasticity coefficient is mainly _____. (i) Superior; 5.0. (ii) Inferior;   10.0. (i

  • Q : Interest rate in Determinants of Demand

    The demand curves for most of the nondurable consumer goods would be least influenced by modifications in: (i) Interest rates. (ii) House-hold income. (iii) Prices for related goods. (iv) Tastes and preferences.


  • Q : Shifts in the Demand Curve What are the

    What are the conditions that shifts the Demand Curve?

  • Q : Price elasticity of demand coefficient

    A price elasticity of demand coefficient of infinity implies that: (w) the demand curve is horizontal. (x) each 1 percent price hike elicits a 1 percent increase in revenue. (y) total revenue increases proportionally as a firm increases its price. (z)

  • Q : Income distribution after taxes and

    When line 0C0' shows income distribution before taxes and transfers, in that case the line that shows income distribution after taxes and transfers would be: (1) line 0A0'. (2) line 0B0'. (3) line 0C0'. (4) line 0D0'. (5) line 0E0'.

    Q : Estimate the slope for price and

    When the price reduces and quantity demanded increases along such demand curve for pizza, in that case the slope: (w) is constant and elasticity falls. (x) and elasticity are constant. (y) increases and elasticity is constant. (z) and elasticity increase.

  • Q : Scope of Economies I have a problem in

    I have a problem in economics on Scope of Economies. Please help me in the following question. Whenever the production of one good (example: milk) decreases the production costs of complementary products (that is, butter and cheese), a firm is capable

  • Q : Farm employment Over the past several

    Over the past several decades, farm employment has: A) grown absolutely, but declined as a percentage of total employment. B) declined both absolutely and as a percentage of total employment. C) increased both absolutely and as a percentage of total employment. D) dec

  • Q : System of Note-issue Name the System of

    Name the System of Note-issue in India.

    Answer: In India, the system of note-issue is the Minimum Reserve System. The RBI is needed to keep minimum reserves of Rs 2

  • Q : Plans of savers and investors This

    This capital market is within a closed private economy. Primary plans of savers and investors are demonstrated as curves S0 and I0. There Market equilibrium will exist at: (1) point a. (2) point b. (3) point c. (4) point d. (5) point

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