utility function

notes on separable utility function in microeconomics

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  • Q : Special characteristic of firms in an

    The special characteristic of firms within an oligopoly NOT determined in other market structures is: (i) homogeneity of product. (ii) interdependence that is mutually recognized. (iii) restricted entry. (iv) a high degree of market power. (v) perfect

  • Q : Supply geomeric method to measure

    geomeric method to measure elasticity of supply

  • Q : Marginal revenue product or MRP curve I

    I have a problem in economics on Marginal revenue product or MRP curve. Please help me in the given question. Demand for the labor through a monopolist in the product market is its: (i) Value of marginal product (or VMP) curve. (ii) Marginal revenue p

  • Q : Marginal revenue at monopolist

    At the quantity where a demand of monopolist is unitarily elastic, so marginal revenue is: (1) positive. (2) negative. (3) one. (4) zero. (5) infinite.

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem of

  • Q : Generous welfare programs Critics

    Critics charge which generous welfare programs have sharply raised the: (w) balance of trade deficit. (x) amount of voluntary poverty. (y) antagonism between economic classes. (z) level of involuntary unemployment.

    Q : Annual economic profit of production

    When point e corresponds to $18 per copy for St. Valentine’s Day software, so Prohibition Corporation can produce annual economic profit of at most just about: (i) $100 million. (ii) $140 million. (iii) $200 million. (iv) $300 million. (v) $400

  • Q : Maximum profit by equilibrium When a

    When a monopolist reaches equilibrium: (1) its profits are at a maximum. (2) price equals marginal cost. (3) average cost is at its minimum. (4) marginal cost is at a minimum.

    Can someone explain/help me with best solution about pr

  • Q : Problem on individual supply curves The

    The market supply curve is derived via: (i) Evaluating the net costs for each potential level of output. (ii) Inverting (or taking the mirror image of) the market demand curve. (iii) Horizontally summing up individual supply curves. (iv) Averaging the

  • Q : Problem regarding Substitution effect

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. John freshly learned that a hotdog-and-fries combo is accessible at a local mall for similar price as a slice of pizza at Gino’s, where he routinely ate lunch. He starts buying hotdogs m

  • Q : Preference current consumption over

    When the preference for current consumption over future consumption weakens, in that case the: (w) interest rate rises. (x) interest rate falls. (y) present value of future income falls. (z) equilibrium level of investment falls.

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