utility function

notes on separable utility function in microeconomics

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  • Q : Total economic of profit or loss on

    When the wholesale price P = $7 per bushel of peaches, it purely competitive peach orchard maximizes profit via producing ___ bushels of peaches at a total economic of profit or loss totaling $___. (i) zero; loss; -$4,000. (ii) 2000;

  • Q : Majority of surviving below the poverty

    In the United States, a mainstream of those living below “the poverty line”: (1) have televisions, automobiles, main appliances, and other amenities possessed only by the wealthy [when anyone] in earlier times and nowadays, only by the wea

  • Q : Synonym for the instant period or run

    A synonym for the instant period (or instant run) of production is the: (w) short run. (x) long run. (y) technological long run. (z) market period.

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  • Q : Bond of fixed annual income A bond

    A bond which pays a fixed annual income always is: (w) an eternity. (x) a perpetuity. (y) worthless. (z) infinitely valuable.

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  • Q : Labor Contracts-Shop Agreements From

    From the point of view of management, the favored union membership ranking (most favored to the least favored) would be: (i) Closed shop, union shop, agency shop and open shop. (ii) Open shop, agency shop, union shop and closed shop. (iii) Agency shop, open shop, clos

  • Q : Determine income elasticity of demand

    This given figure as in below demonstrates how the consumption of goods A, B, C and D differs as a family’s income changes. There income elasticity of demand equivalents 1 for: (w) good A. (x) good B  (y) good C. (z) good D

  • Q : Problem relating to current demands for

    The people who anticipate prices to increase soon will tend to rise their: (i) Current demands for the durable goods. (ii) Waiting time prior to buying. (iii) Saving as a result they can afford higher prices. (iv) Current supplies.

  • Q : Wealth and poverty of poor and higher

    Numerous studies have established which, associate to poor families, higher income families onto average have: (w) more children. (x) greater rates of labor force participation. (y) less human capital and more financial capital. (z) greater rates of p

  • Q : Choosing a statistical Model Choosing a

    Choosing a statistical Model: A number of problems arise in determining whether the work is truly rigorous or not.

    It is important to determine whether the model chosen makes theoretical and intuitive sense.


  • Q : Price elasticity coefficient at

    Every point beside a vertical demand curve (when there was such a thing) would include a price elasticity coefficient equivalent to: (1) 1. (2)  1. (3) zero. (4) infinity. (5)  1/2.

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