utility function

notes on separable utility function in microeconomics

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  • Q : Seller in a monopoly market structure A

    A monopoly is a type of market structure in that one: (w) seller makes up the industry. (x) giant firm is a price taker. (y) barrier to entry exists. (z) giant firm is the particular buyer of resources.

    Q : Social purposes served by firms I have

    I have a problem in economics on Social purposes served by firms. Please help me in the following question. The broad social purposes served by the firms do not comprise: (1) Coordination of team production. (2) Maximization of the stockholder gains. (3) Reduction of

  • Q : Determine linear demand curve-elasticity

    Beside a negatively sloped, that has straight-line demand curve, there one constant is: (w) price. (x) quantity demanded. (y) slope. (z) the price elasticity of demand.

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  • Q : Market demands in short run Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. In short run, the market demands are: (1) Stimulated if resource costs increase. (2) Simply estimated employing aggregate data. (3) Positively associated to the

  • Q : Competitive market Select the right

    Select the right answer of the question. A competitive market will: A) achieve an equilibrium price. B) produce shortages. C) produce surpluses. D) create disorder.

  • Q : Oligopoly and economic welfare in long

    In an oligopoly, as opposite to monopolistic or pure competition, industry output within the long run is probable to be: (1) lower along with reduced prices. (2) about similar but with higher prices. (3) lower and with higher prices.

  • Q : Increasing elasticity of the demand for

    The elasticity of the demand for labor tends to rise as there are raises within the: (1) amount of capital utilized in a production process. (2) rate of automation in an industry. (3) difficulty in substituting between different resources. (4) share o

  • Q : Definition of Craft Unions I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Craft Unions. Please help me in the following question. The craft union: (i) Is organized about a specific skill. (ii) Bargains for all the workers in a specific industry. (iii) Represents the workers, whereas an indus

  • Q : Determine Income Floor A marginal tax

    A marginal tax rate of 40% and an income floor of __________ give in a break-even level of income of $12,000 is: (1) $30,000 (2) $4,800 (3) $7,200 (4) $3,000 (5) $16,800

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  • Q : Stages of production One of my friends

    One of my friends can't succeed to get the answer of this question. Give solution of this question. Described the stages of production and in which stage will production occur and why?

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