Unregulated monopoly economic efficiency

Mainly economists object to unregulated monopoly primarily since: (w) economies of large scale operation may be attained. (x) technological advance may be fostered. (y) economic efficiency would be promoted. (z) economic efficiency may be decreased.

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  • Q : Produce a natural monopoly by market

    Market forces tend to produce a natural monopoly while: (1) decreasing costs are small relative to market demand for output. (2) diseconomies of scale are substantial at low levels of output. (3) economies of scale are substantial relative to market d

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    Completing your degree is most probable to be a significant signal which will help you in securing a well-paid job with bright future when potential employers: (i) Want to make sure that job applicants have already acquired important amounts of precise human capital.

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    Which of the given below is an example of the explicit cost? (i) The owner’s time. (ii) Depreciation on company owned truck. (iii) The interest which could be earned when some of the owner’s funds was not tied up in business. (iv) Salaries paid to the empl

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    Types of elasticity of supply:

    There are five kinds of elasticity of supply:

    1. Perfectly elastic supply:

    Q : Effective price discrimination to

    Effective price discrimination to maximize profit does NOT needs the firm to be capable to: (w) separate the market within different groups along with different demand elasticities. (x) erect entry barriers to defend a monopoly position. (y) prevent t

  • Q : Break Even Income A marginal tax rate

    A marginal tax rate of 50 percent and an income floor of $6,500 yield a break even income of: (w) $3,250. (x) $6,500. (y) $9,750. (z) $13,000.

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    In this figure the firm probably to go out of business the soonest would be as: (w) Firm A. (x) Firm B. (y) Firm C. (z) Firm D.

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    Q : Example of temporary housing shortage

    After the change within the demand curve for housing as: (1) a temporary housing shortage may exist at R0. (2) landlords will have more complexity repaying their mortgages. (3) rental rates will fall below interest payments. (4) equilibrium

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    When market demands for agricultural products are relatively price inelastic and relatively income inelastic both, in that case as per capita income raises, the average income of farmers will: (w) increase while supplies of agricultur

  • Q : Elasticity and Revenue At the point of

    At the point of unit elasticity beside the demand curve then a firm faces: (w) profits are always maximized. (x) total revenue is certainly at a maximum. (y) total costs are minimized. (z) All of the above.

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