Unitary price elasticity of demand curve

HoloIMAGine has patented a holographic technology which makes 3-D photography obtainable to consumers. So the demand curve facing HoloIMAGine has unitary price elasticity at: (i) output q1. (ii) output q3. (iii) output q4. (iv) output q6. (v) output q7.

1599_Market Power1.png

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    The firm's objective within price discrimination is to: (w) make the community better off economically. (x) make several consumers better off economically. (y) increase revenue and profit. (z) minimize average cost.

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    While the quantity of a good supplied exceeds the quantity demanded: (1) sellers are more likely to create concessions to buyers. (2) the current market price is below equilibrium. (3) consumers gain through buying before prices adjust upward. (4) the quality of outpu

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    According to several critics who favor reducing welfare payments, and existing welfare programs as: (1) cannot cure poverty without substantial funding hikes. (2) are justified only when they increase total production. (3) harm poor people by creating

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    Lobster is a normal good and peanut butter is a poorer good. When your income increases, you will most likely consume: (1) More of both the goods. (2) More lobster and less peanut butter. (3) More peanut butter and less lobster. (4) Less of both goods.

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    Compared to Firms A and B as well as C, Firm D is: (1) a firm along with substantial market power. (2) a pure price taker and quantity adjuster. (3) least possible to generate economic profit in the long run. (4) a total revenue maximizer when it produces output level

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    Natural barriers to entry may be overcome across time from: (w) cut-throat competition. (x) elimination of patent laws. (y) technological advances. (z) rigorous enforcement of antitrust laws.

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    When perpetuity pays annual income of $50, in that case at an interest rate of 4 percent its price is: (w) $1000. (x) $1250. (y) $1400. (z) $1800.

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    Economists can’t conceive of any resource or product for which the: (i) Price elasticity of demand is zero (0) and the demand curve is vertical. (ii) Price elasticity of supply is zero (0) and supply curve is vertical. (iii) Income elasticity of

  • Q : Analytic time in the market period In

    In the market period: (w) price is constant. (x) output is constant. (y) supply is horizontal. (z) supply is completely elastic.

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