Unitary price elasticity of demand curve

HoloIMAGine has patented a holographic technology which makes 3-D photography obtainable to consumers. So the demand curve facing HoloIMAGine has unitary price elasticity at: (i) output q1. (ii) output q3. (iii) output q4. (iv) output q6. (v) output q7.

1599_Market Power1.png

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    When the price falls along such demand curve for pizza, in that case total revenue: (w) falls. (x) rises, then falls. (y) rises. (z) does not change.

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    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Associative to firms that do not practice the wage discrimination, firms which wage-discriminate tend to: (1) Forego highest gains by hiring the less productive workers. (2) Dis

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    Taxing private auto travel as well as subsidizing mass transit will most effectively limit auto travel and raise the use of mass transit when the price elasticities of demand for auto travel: (1) and mass transit are low, and the cross-elasticity of d

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    When the minimum amounts of food, clothing and shelter essential for survival absorb all of a family’s income, in that case the family is experiencing: (w) relative poverty. (x) economic shock. (y) financial destitution. (z) absolute poverty.

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    When this purely-competitive firm makes output level Q, this is operating within the: (i) technological long run. (ii) long run. (iii) short run. (iv) shut down period. (v) boom period of the business cycle.

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    Under the negative income tax system demonstrated in this given figure, a family of four along with earned income of $75,000 per year would have a net as [after-tax] income of: (i) $15,000 per year. (ii) $30,000 per y

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    The economic cost borne by you as the college student which would be ignored by the bookkeeper whenever computing costs however that economists would consider the implicit cost of your education would be: (1) Food, similar costs and rent which you would incur even whe