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Question 1 An all equity firm has a required return on its equity of 15%, has 10 million shares outstanding, and pays no taxes. The shares are currently trading at $6.00 each. The firm is planning to borrow $9 million at 5% interest rate and use the borrowed funds to buyback a portion of its equity. Calculate the new value of the firm and the new required return on its equity if it goes through with the capital structure change. Question 2 Using the Modigliani/Miller propositions with taxes, calculate the change in the value of the firm and the change in the required return on equity if it borrows and $2,000,000 and uses the funds to retire $2,000,000 of its equity. The cost of the debt will be 8% and the current required return on equity is 14%. Currently, the firm has 3,000,000 shares outstanding and they are selling for $4.00 each and no debt. The corporate tax rate is 40%.

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