Twin problems of the U.S. health care industry

Give the answer of following question. The twin problems of the U.S. health care industry are: A) rapidly rising costs and unequal access to health care. B) declining quality of health care and the duplication of specialized equipment at hospitals. C) declining per capita spending on health care and the moral hazard problem. D) the decline in the number of family physicians and the failure to vaccinate children.

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    The procedure of transforming predictable income streams in wealth is termed as: (1) capitalization. (2) profiteering. (3) financial alchemy. (4) capitalism. (5) asset conversion.

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    A perfectly competitive market within the long period:

             firm A:  ATC = y2   4y + 12 an

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    The demand curve for socket sets from the list below which is least consistent along with the law of demand is: (w) demand curve D1D1. (x) demand curve D2D2.  (y) demand curve D3D3

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    Financial intermediation is, largely, the process of: (1) lending money out at interest. (2) spending funds faster than revenues are obtained. (3) channeling funds from savers to dissavers, as well as to investors into economic capital. (4) buying and

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    A monopolist can produce economic profits while: (w) average fixed costs [AFC] are very high. (x) average total costs [ATC] lies above the demand curve. (y) at least some portion of the average total costs [ATC] curve lies below the d

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    Widely accepted objectives for microeconomic policy comprise: (w) full employment. (x) general price stability. (y) economic development. (z) efficiency, freedom and equity.

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    The market demand curve is recognized by: (i) Vertically summing up individual demand curves. (ii) Graphing intersections of demand and supply over time. (iii) Holding quantity constant while summing up each price on demand curve. (iv) Horizontally summing up individu

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