1.Describe in detail the inbound-outbound travel regulations and its impact on tourism. 15 2. Write short notes on the following. 5x3=15 a. Operations of a Travel Agency b. Tour Operators and its kinds c. Manila Declaration 3. Discuss the definition and uses of Statistics and its importance in tourism industry. 15 4. Discuss the role of Road and Rail Transport in the promotion of domestic tourism in India. 15 5. Describe the various types of accommodations and the principal factors to be kept into consideration while marketing the same. 15 6. What is Product Design and why is Positioning an important factor? 15 7. Discuss some aspects that you will cover in developing communication skills related to PR. 15 8. Explain how Advertising and Marketing gives a boon to travel and tourism industry. 15 4 TS-2: TOURISM DEVELOPMENT: PRODUCTS, OPERATIONS AND CASE STUDIES (TUTOR MARKED ASSIGNMENT) Course Code: TS-2 Programme: BTS Total Marks: 100 Assignment Code: TS-2/TMA/2013-14 Note: This TMA consists of two parts. Part I consists of two questions out of which you have to attempt any one. The question carries 25 marks and should be answered in about 700 words. Part II consists of 8 questions. Attempt any five in about 500 words each. Each question carries 15 marks. Send your TMA to the Coordinator of your Study Centre. PART – I 1. Describe various factors that are analyzed to study demographic profiles and their importance in tourism planning? 25 OR 2. Discussing the relationship between wild life and tourism, elaborate upon do’s and dont’s while visiting a sanctuary. 25 PART – II 1. Elucidate upon the indicators that affect travel propensity of the tourists. 15 2. Describe a plan for conducting a tour of your own town for a group of foreign tourists. 15 3. “Dance and Music is the key of entertainment in Indian Tourism”. Comment. 15 4. How can adventure and sports be used as tourist attractions? 15 5. Describe seasonal fairs and festivals of India. Also explain how these supports tourist industry. 15 6. Trace the historical roots of Kalinga – Bali Yatra. Discuss the measures taken to publicise this festival in order to promote tourism. 15 7. What marketing strategies should a tourism practitioner adopt in order to sustain and enhance the market base? 15 8 Write short notes on any three of the following: 5X3 = 15 a) Concept of “Highway Tourism” b) PATA c) Functioning of Air India d) Mountain Guide e) Ethnic Tourism

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