Technological advance in costs

All else equivalent, when the output of one good raises, the output of other goods: (1) Should fall in an underemployed economy. (2) May rise as well when society begins on its PPF. (3) Will drop in an efficient and completely employed economy. (4) Essentially experiences the technological advance.

Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the above options.

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    When an economic change makes ten percent of the population better off and has no consequence on the economic welfare of the other ninety percent, in that case: (w) the community is better off. (x) the community is worse off. (y) community economic welfare does not ch

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    The fundamental foundations of a capitalist system do not comprise: (1) Supplies and demands. (2) Private property rights. (3) Governmental allocations of non-human resources. (4) Laissez faire policies. (5) Market-determined prices and outputs.

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    All resources are encompassed through the classes of labor: (i) industrial robots, energy, and raw materials. (ii) capital, entrepreneurship, and knowledge. (iii) land, entrepreneurship and capital. (iv) entrepreneurship, investment and materials. (v)

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    Illustrations of normative statements would not comprise assertions which: (1) premeditated murderers deserve the death penalty. (2) Leonardo DiCaprio is a terrible actor. (3) AIDS and HIV are transmitted through sexual contact. (4) women must be paid

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    I have a problem in economics on Ownership of major non-labor resources. Please help me in the following question. Government ownership of main non-labor resources is the characteristic of: (1) Capitalism. (2) Decentralization. (3) Anarchism. (4) Soci

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    Elmer leaves his old mule Betsy and buys a new tractor to plow his fields. It is assumed to be consistent along with Elmer's perception of his best interest since: (w) tractors can plow more than a mule. (x) Elmer is assumed to be a rational farmer. (

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    People would be least probable to be happier like a consequence of the increased accessibility of: (1) free goods. (2) economic resources. (3) superior technologies. (4) economic goods. (5) economic bads.

    Hello guys I want your adv

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    Profits: (w) are interest on human capital. (x) are an unfortunate consequence of capitalism. (y) burden the economy and decrease efficiency. (z) are monetary rewards to entrepreneurs.

    Can someone explain/help me w

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    As per the economic assumption of rationality, there people: (w) always behave with ideal rationality. (x) never behave in erratic or random ways. (y) tend to make decisions consistent along with their goals. (z) foresee completely the effects of thei

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    Please help me to solve the problem that is given below:

    The study of economics is LEAST related along with: (w) humanity in its wealth getting and wealth using activities. (x) physiological interpretations of labo

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