Sustained rates of economic development

Sustained rates of economic development which exceeded population growth rates would: (w) raise the incomes of the poor without reducing anybody else’s income. (x) raise the incomes of everyone in society. (y) boost the incomes of the poor only when income were redistributed. (z) make this possible to raise the incomes of the poor without income redistribution.

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  • Q : Perfectly price elastic for horizontal

    Firms along with output having many perfect substitutes for potential buyers confront as: (w) perfectly price elastic for horizontal demand curves. (x) predatory pricing through more monopolistic firms. (y) price elasticity coefficients of zero. (z) s

  • Q : Unitarily elasticity and profit

    When all costs are fixed in the short run, a monopolist maximizes profit through producing and selling the output level where: (1) demand is price elastic. (2) marginal revenue most greatly exceeds marginal cost. (3) demand is price inelastic. (4) mar

  • Q : Sticky prices in oligopoly markets

    Sticky prices within oligopoly markets are: (w) predicted by the kinked demand curve model. (x) substantiated by many statistical studies. (y) most common for highly differentiated products. (z) a result of price discrimination.

    Q : Ex-ante investment Ex-ante investment :

    Ex-ante investment: This is planned or desired investment throughout a specific period.

  • Q : Automation and Wage Rates I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Automation and Wage Rates. Please help me in the given question. When physical capital becomes cheaper: (i) Some of the workers might be displaced however worker productivity as a rule rises.  (ii) Automation will

  • Q : Equilibrium GDP Provide solution of

    Provide solution of this question. If the MPC is .70 and gross investment increases by $3 billion, the equilibrium GDP will: A) increase by $10 billion. B) increase by $2.10 billion. C) decrease by $4.29 billion. D) increase by $4.29 billion.

  • Q : Effects of average production costs on

    The economies of scale exist whenever average production costs: (1) Increase as the level of output increases. (2) Drop as the level of output increases. (3) Stay similar as the level of output increases. (4) Drop as the level of output drops.

    Q : Demand and elasticity (a) Suppose the

    (a) Suppose the income elasticity of demand for pre-recorded music compact disks is +4 and the income elasticity of demand for a cabinet maker’s work is +0.4. Compare the impact on pre-recorded music compact disks and the cabinet maker’s work of a recession that reduces consumer incomes by 10 per c

  • Q : Individual taker in pure competition

    For a particular price taker: (w) price is uninfluenced by quantity. (x) total revenue is constant. (y) profit is constant. (z) consumer surplus is zero.

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economics

  • Q : Demand curve for peanuts Question: a)


    a) Johnny consumes peanuts (x1) and a composite good (x2). His utility function is U = x1x2. His marginal utilities are MU1 = x<

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