four supply factors of economic growth

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  • Q : Product differentiation in conduct

    Several market structures may pivot around goods which are heterogeneous, however the only market structure that absolutely needs goods to be differentiated within the minds of consumers of: (1) perfect competition. (2) pure competition. (3) monopolistic competition.

  • Q : Less present value by given price When

    When the market interest rate exceeds the rate of return you compute on an asset: (i) competition for profit must make its price rise quickly. (ii) its present value is less than its price. (iii) the market is in long term equilibrium

  • Q : Horizontally summing the short-run

    For a competitive industry the short-run supply curve is derived through summing the short-run supply curves of all firms within the industry: (w) vertically. (x) horizontally. (y) diagonally. (z) and computing their arithmetic average.

  • Q : Problem on Current labor union issues I

    I have a problem in economics on Problem on Current labor union issues. Please help me in the following question. The current labor union issues would comprise: (i) Public sentiment favoring the legislative control of strike powers. (ii) Reduction of

  • Q : Agency Shop Agreements Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Labor contracts having agency shop arrangements need: (1) Employees of a firm to give dues to the union. (2) The firm to hire just union members. (3) New employees of the firm t

  • Q : Relationship between MPP and APP If MPP

    If MPP equivalent to APP, what will you state regarding APP?

    Answer: APP is at its maximum and steady or constant.

  • Q : Price discrimination in markets Price

    Price discrimination is probably in markets: (w) for medical services. (x) for wheat sold by farmers. (y) for bread sold by grocers. (z) where all consumers have identical demand curves.

    Can anybody suggest me the

  • Q : Monopolistic Exploitation dilemma In

    In equilibrium for the price maker firm, the rate of monopolistic exploitation is the difference between: (p) P and MR. (q) P and MC. (iii) Total revenue and net cost per unit of output. (r) Output price and rate of monopsonistic exploitation. (s) VMP and MRP.

  • Q : Profit from predatory pricing In order

    In order for a firm to profit from predatory pricing: (w) the incumbent must fulfill the entire industry demand at a price below costs. (x) the cost of predation should be less than the profits incurred through driving out one’s rivals from the

  • Q : Reason why giant corporations dominate

    John Kenneth Galbraith refuses theories which suppose profit maximization in competitive markets. According to him, the big corporations dominate the economic activity as: (1) Corporate managers look for maximum gains for stockholders. (2) Government policies are mani