four supply factors of economic growth

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  • Q : Competition-Social Welfare problem The

    The purely competitive firm in the output market which hires from a purely competitive labor market will employ the labor at the point where VMP = W as the firm: (i) Operates in society's best interest. (ii) Wants to be quite fair to workers. (iii) Is egalitarian inst

  • Q : Existence of Economies of Scale I have

    I have a problem in economics on Existence of Economies of Scale. Please help me in the following question. Economies of the scale exist whenever, as output is raised: (i) Average costs increase. (ii) Explicit costs increase relative to the value of output. (iii) Aver

  • Q : Question based on balance sheets Help

    Help me to solve this problem. Refer to the given balance sheets. If the reserve ratio is 25%, the maximum money-creating potential of the commercial banking system is: A) $36. B) $17. C) $48. D) $24.

    Q : Use of Loren Curve A Lorenz curve can

    A Lorenz curve can be utilized to demonstrate the: (w) functional distribution of income. (x) income necessary to maintain specified living standards. (y) demand for low wage labor. (z) cumulative percentage of income received by cumulative percentage

  • Q : Various close substitutes and little

    The demand for an exact good tends to be relatively more price elastic when the good: (1) has various close substitutes and very little complements. (2) is taken as a necessity in place of a luxury. (3) is an inferior good. (4) is rel

  • Q : Power of monopsonist I have a problem

    I have a problem in economics on Power of monopsonist. Please help me in the given question. The firm which is the sole buyer of a specific good or resource is a: (i) Monopsonist. (ii) Plutocracy. (iii) Bilateral monopolist. (iv) Price discriminator.

  • Q : Commodities of inelastic demand Which

    Which of the given commodities contain inelastic demand? A) Salt B) A particular brand of lipstick C) Medicines D) Mobile phone E) School uniform

  • Q : Problem on competitive equilibrium

    The economy consists of an equal number of smokers (S-types) and asthma sufferers (A-types). Good 1 is cigarettes, good 2 is “other stuff.” S-types have the utility function:

    xS1 + xS

  • Q : External firms enter the industry When

    When most firms in a monopolistically competitive industry currently realize economic profits: (w) a natural monopoly will eventually emerge. (x) external firms will enter the industry. (y) long run accounting profits must be zero. (z

  • Q : Vertical Integration-Controlling

    The firm is vertically integrated when it: (1) Consists of an internationally recognized brand name. (2) Promotes career staffs to executive positions rather than hiring the experienced outsiders. (3) Merges with another firm which sells unrelated products. (4) Monopo

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