four supply factors of economic growth

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  • Q : Effect of minimum wage laws in

    The Minimum wage laws might efficiently raise employment: (i) When the set wage value surpasses labor market equilibrium. (ii) In industries of profoundly exercised monopsony power. (iii) In no condition; higher minimum wage floods the labor supply and lower minimum w

  • Q : Maximum profit by equilibrium When a

    When a monopolist reaches equilibrium: (1) its profits are at a maximum. (2) price equals marginal cost. (3) average cost is at its minimum. (4) marginal cost is at a minimum.

    Can someone explain/help me with best solution about pr

  • Q : Welfare from Poor to Rich “ Welfare by

    Welfare by the poor to the rich” is best illustrated when: (1) an l8 year old dishwasher pays Social Security taxes to give payments to a 67 year old retired vice president of General Motors. (2) federal highway funds are diverted to a ma

  • Q : Area above price line and below

    I have a problem in economics on Area above price line and below individual demand curve. Please help me in the following question. When a single price is charged for each and every unit of a good, then the area above the price line however beneath an individual&rsquo

  • Q : Indication by data on poverty Data on

    Data on poverty into the United States indicate which: (w) in absolute numbers, additionally blacks are below the poverty line than whites. (x) in absolute numbers, more whites are below the poverty line than blacks. (y) the poverty rate is lower for

  • Q : Effect on total revenue by raises price

    A price raise from $6 to $8 would effect in: (1) a decrease in total revenue. (2) an increase in total revenue. (3) no change in total revenue. (4) consumers buying more pizza. (5) pizza parlors selling more pizza.

  • Q : Price elasticity of demand when prices

    When the prices of generic yachts rise by $500,000 to $600,000, causing yearly sales to drop from 30,000 to 10,000, in that case the price elasticity of demand for such yachts equals: (w) 11.00. (x) 2.75. (y) 5.50. (z) 13.75.

  • Q : Income of Development and Distribution

    The extent of equality within the income distribution of a country seems to depend most heavily upon the degree of: (w) economic development in the country. (x) progress towards national socialism. (y) central economic planning. (z) fertility of the a

  • Q : Follow Lower Bond Price Lower bond

    Lower bond prices follow through higher: (w) interest rates. (x) real estate speculation. (y) present value of future income by the bonds. (z) growth rates of national income.

    Please choose the right answer from ab

  • Q : Analytic Time-The Long Run Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Alfred Marshall classification of analytical time specified that in long run it is: (i) Not possible to differ technology and at least one resource is fixed and hence at least o

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