four supply factors of economic growth

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  • Q : Determine probable price taker Of the

    Of the given firms, the probably to be a price taker would be: (1) Microsoft. (2) Wal-Mart. (3) Toyota. (4) the Los Angeles Lakers. (5) the biggest wheat farm in Canada.

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  • Q : Profit-maximizing output to maximizes

    HoloIMAGine has patented a holographic technology which creates 3-D photography obtainable to consumers. So HoloIMAGine’s: (w) lowest possible average total cost arises at precisely the output where profit is maximized. (x) market supply curve is the same to its

  • Q : Market structure in barriers of entry A

    A market structure in that barriers of entry tend to be important, with sales being dominated by some large firms is: (w) a monopoly market. (x) a monopolistically competitive market. (y) an oligopoly. (z) perfectly competitive market.

    Q : Define Optimal Sample Size Optimal

    Optimal Sample Size: The optimal or suitable size of sample in a survey or poll is the function of four discrete factors:

    1. Size of the population: The size of the

  • Q : Monopolistic competition In which

    In which market type, there is a requirement for selling or advertising costs?

    Answer: Beneath monopolistic competition, there is a requirement of selling costs sin

  • Q : Problem on Diminishing Marginal Utility

    You obtain an A on your Economics test on Monday and decide to prize yourself with a cookie each and every day for the rest of the week. By Thursday, you do not really care for any more cookies. This best symbolizes the: (1) Law of diminishing returns (2) Income effec

  • Q : Making investment possible in an

    The group which ultimately makes investment in an economy possible is: (1) business firms. (2) households which consume less than their disposable incomes. (3) banks. (4) savings and loan associations. (5) financial tycoons.

    Q : Riskiness of an Investment When the

    When the riskiness of an investment into an apartment complex warrants a 12.5% annual rate of return and the complicated is expected to generate net cash flow (as after utilities, preservation and other costs) of $2 million per year,

  • Q : Profit-maximizing unregulated monopoly

    No profit-maximizing unregulated monopoly will function in the inelastic portion of the demand curve this faces since: (w) marginal revenue is negative. (x) total revenues are negative. (y) total revenue falls as less is produced. (z) marginal revenue

  • Q : Powerful negative externalities in

    Potentially powerful negative externalities are mainly overwhelmingly a decisive argument against permitting laissez faire policies and supplies to govern the production and market demands and distribution of: (1) avian flu antivirus shots. (2) public