Steps Involved- Knowledge Management - Organization Behavior

1. Created a setting for sharing knowledge:  access to knowledge breeds more knowledge and the best KM techniques ensure that everyone's involved. Try an open meeting policy.

2. Eliminate communication "filters: politics, turf, and implementation responsibilities can squelch ideas in traditional communication channels. Going outside the channels-for example, by allowing people to skip levels-leads to more ideas on how do things better?

3. Prioritize the tasks: most companies' to-do lists contain twice as much as they could ever accomplish. A prioritization process can align brainpower and effort behind what's truly strategic. Senior leaders get together to rank all vital activities first to last, no toes allowed the process lets people challenge assumptions about the value of long-running projects, share knowledge about what is being accomplished, and break down the departmental barriers that bottle up ideas and creativity.

4. Keep time budgets: few individuals and fewer organizations get a true read on where their time and effort really go.

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