Stats knowledge and irresponsible attitudes

Illustrated the meaning of limited marketing knowledge, limited stats knowledge and irresponsible attitudes?




Limited marketing knowledge: while we encompass so many online research reports, how many various types of information do we get? Not much! So far, most of the online research is regarding ‘how many people are online’ or ‘how many people buy online’. While we encompass so many marketing issues to discover, why on the earth does nearly all of the research explore such questions as ‘how many people are online’, again and again?

The answer is: most researchers do not encompass much marketing knowledge to discover the Internet issues. Have we ever heard from such online research firms describing our marketing issues? If a marketing researcher consists of less marketing knowledge than his/her clients, how can he/she help the clients comprehend their markets?

A good marketing research comprises of 80 percent marketing knowledge and 20 percent statistics.

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