Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships

Can someone please help me in finding out the precise answer from the following question. Relative to corporations, drawbacks to the owners of sole partnerships and proprietorships comprise:  (i) Unlimited liability. (2) Extreme government regulation. (3) Limited liability. (4) Separation of the ownership from control. (5) Double taxation of the income.

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  • Q : Monopsonistic exploitation-Labor union

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Labor union contracts, a comparable significance rule, or minimum wage laws might boost equilibrium employment when a firm has been practicing: (i) Blacklisting

  • Q : Wealth and poverty of poor and higher

    Numerous studies have established which, associate to poor families, higher income families onto average have: (w) more children. (x) greater rates of labor force participation. (y) less human capital and more financial capital. (z) greater rates of p

  • Q : Rang of income elasticities of demand

    The income elasticities of demand (μ) for items which most people consider as luxuries would possibly be into the range: (1) – ∞ < μ < one. (2) – 1 < μ < zero. (3) μ = zero. (4) 0 < μ < 1. (5) 1 <

  • Q : Complete equilibrium by distribution of

    When the economy was in a complete equilibrium, in that case the distribution of income would be precisely proportional to the distribution of: (a) taxation. (b) inheritance. (c) luck. (d) wealth.

  • Q : Consequence of foreign exchange rate

    What are consequence of foreign exchange rate risk and how do this risk be mitigated?

  • Q : Individual firm in purely competitive

    In a purely competitive industry, the individual firm: (i) can raise the quantity demanded by lowering the price of its product. (ii) experiences substantial economies of scale. (iii) faces a completely inelastic demand curve. (iv) cannot influence th

  • Q : Relatively price inelastic for prices

    Suppose that all these illustrated curves are infinitely long straight lines. Then supply curve which is relatively (although not perfectly) price inelastic for all prices and quantities is: (1) supply curve S1. (2) supply curve S2

  • Q : Demand for a poorer good Household’s

    Household’s demand for a poorer good tends to fall if: (1) Supplies of complementary goods increase. (2) Prices of alternate goods increase. (3) Family income rises. (4) Its own price drops/falls.

    Can someone

  • Q : Market Supplies of Labor I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Market Supplies of Labor. Please help me in the following question. In long run, the labor supply curve facing the major industry: (i) Will always be positively associated to the wage rate. (ii) Will slope upward if and only if individ

  • Q : Elasticity of supply when product

    Since the supply of land is fixed, then the: (w) demand for land is absolutely horizontal. (x) supply of land is completely elastic. (y) demand for land is absolutely vertical. (z) supply of land is perfectly inelastic.

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