social welfare function

What do you mean by a social welfare function? If you assume that such a function exists, what properties of social optima would be considered by you? Discuss such properties.

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  • Q : Bilateral Monopoly Can someone help me

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The Bilateral monopoly models would be most suitably used to analyze the negotiations between: (1) LeBron James, a star NBA basketball player and the Cleveland Cavaliers. (2)

  • Q : Equilibrium price in the short run The

    The equilibrium price for Christmas trees in the short run is: (w) P1. (x) P2. (y) P3. (z) P4.

    Q : Determine points where is most price

    Of all of the known ranges on given supply curves, the supply of tanks of dehydrated water is most price elasticity among: (i) point a and point b. (ii) point b and point c. (iii) point c and point d. (iv) point d and point e. (v) point e and point f.

    Q : High relative income define by Census

    The Department of the Census defines high relative income as experienced while families: (w) earn more than $60,000 annually per worker in the family. (x) have income which is twice the median incomes of other American families. (y) e

  • Q : More elastic demand for labor The

    The demand for labor is more elastic the: (i) larger labor costs are like a proportion of total costs. (ii) shorter the time interval considered. (iii) greater the supply of labor. (iv) more difficult this is to substitute one resource for another. (v

  • Q : Market Demand versus Individual Demand

    What is the difference between Market Demand and Individual Demand?

  • Q : Labor Unions and Aggregate salary Income

    The least probable outcome when unions succeed in increasing their member’s salaries is that: (1) Wages in non-union sectors will drop. (2) Employment will produce in non-union sectors. (3) Barriers will be building up to limit the entry to unions. (4) Labor's s

  • Q : Marginal revenue product and marginal

    When a monopolist maximizes the profit in a product market, it will: (i) Hire labor till the marginal revenue product equivalents marginal resource cost. (ii) Hire labor till the value of marginal product equivalents marginal resource cost. (iii) Pay a wage equivalent

  • Q : Price discriminate by unregulated

    Unregulated monopolistic firms which do not price discriminate do NOT: (i) have power as price makers. (ii) dominate the supply side of the market. (iii) select profit maximizing price/quantity combinations from the market demand curv

  • Q : Determine average total cost curve

    LoCalLoCarbo has become the favorite of fad dieters. There in given figure curve D shows: (1) LoCalLoCarbo’s marginal cost curve. (2) LoCalLoCarbo’s average variable cost curve. (3) LoCalLoCarbo’s average total cost curve. (4) the market demand curve