social welfare function

What do you mean by a social welfare function? If you assume that such a function exists, what properties of social optima would be considered by you? Discuss such properties.

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  • Q : Perfect Equality of Income Distribution

    A Lorenz curve which is identical to a 45 degree line by the origin indicates as: (w) perfect equality of income distribution. (x) complete inequality of income distribution. (y) unitarily elastic supplies of labor. (z) which poverty is prevalent.

  • Q : Entrepreneurs implicit cost Can someone

    Can someone please help me in finding out the precise answer from the following question. The entrepreneur’s implicit cost would comprise the: (i) Purchase price of the intermediate goods. (ii) Interest payments on loans. (iii) Value of the owner’s labor.

  • Q : Problem on Efficiency Wage I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Efficiency Wages problem. Please help me in the following question. The Efficiency wages: (i) do not maximize firm profit. (ii) Cause involuntary unemployment. (iii) Are paid due to adverse selection. (iv) Are never se

  • Q : Selling price by price elasticity of

    At the point upon the demand curve for Silver Screen Classic DVDs, here the price elasticity of demand is unitary, the price would be approximately: (i) $10, resulting in roughly 8 million DVDs being sold. (ii) $13, resulting in appro

  • Q : Drop in interest rates of capital market

    Any drop in interest rates caused through people’s increased willingness to save, which will cause: (w) the rate of return schedule reflected in I0 to shift to the right. (x) the rate of return schedule reflected within I0 to shift to the left.

  • Q : Define cost Cost : This refers to the

    Cost: This refers to the money expenses acquired on the production of a specified amount of commodity.

  • Q : Roles Play by Entrepreneurs Innovating

    Innovating new technologies and products when bearing risks and uncertainty is amongst the roles played by: (1) bureaucrats. (2) entrepreneurs. (3) monopolists. (4) politicians. (5) inventors.

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  • Q : Explain Subsidiary function Elucidate

    Elucidate the Secondary or Subsidiary function?


    1) Standard of deferred payments: Money is executing as deferred Payment

  • Q : Supply of labor in perfectly

    Supply of labor in perfectly competitive market

  • Q : Limitation in Lorenz curve A Lorenz

    A Lorenz Curve cannot be used to demonstrate scientifically how the: (w) income is distributed among members of society. (x) wealth is distributed in between members of society. (y) taxes alter the distribution of income. (z) income must be distribute

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