Signals between buyers and sellers

In the competitive market economy, most of the prices: (i) Make sure high incomes for the bureaucrats. (ii) Free resources and ration free goods. (iii) Act as a signal among sellers and buyers. (iv) Are set by the govt.

Find out the right answer from the above options.

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  • Q : Union Strategies and the Taft-Hartley

    The union strategy made illegal through the Taft-Hartley Act of 1948 was: (1) Jurisdictional strikes centered on which the unions would symbolize a firm’s staff. (2) Contracts in which the firms agreed to preferentially encourage the union members. (3) ‘Ri

  • Q : Describe price elasticity of demand

    Price elasticity of demand: The Price elasticity of demand refers to the degree of responsiveness of the quantity demanded to modifications in price.

    Ed = (ΔQ/Δ P) x (P/Q)

  • Q : Define budget line Budget line : Budget

    Budget line: Budget line exhibits all combinations of two goods which a consumer can purchase with his income at a specified price.

  • Q : Average of incurring total fixed costs

    This brickyard is incurring total fixed costs which average about: (1) $200 daily. (2) $300 daily. (3) $400 daily. (4) $500 daily (5) $600 daily.

    Q : Firms supply curve in short run

    Describe firm’s supply curve in short run, operating in perfect competition?

    Answer: It is a MC curve of the firm beginning from a point where MC = AVC (that is, minimum).

  • Q : Define bank rate Bank rate : This is

    Bank rate: This is the rate of interest at which central bank provides loan and advance to commercial banks.

  • Q : Circular flow model of a private economy

    The simple circular flow model of a private economy describes how income and resources flow among: (1) Households and business associations. (2) Corporations and government agencies. (3) Sole corporations and proprietorship (4) Busine

  • Q : How is TVC derived from MC How is TVC

    How is TVC derived from MC?

    Answer: TVC = Sigma MC

  • Q : Organizing business to maximize the

    I have a problem in economics on organizing business to maximize the funds. Please help me in the following question. The entrepreneur who wants to maximize her firm’s admittance to funds from investors or banks must organize the business as a: (1) Proprietorshi

  • Q : Monopolistically competitive firm at

    Unlike a firm within purely competitive long run equilibrium, within the long run, there a monopolistically competitive firm which does not price discriminate: (w) produces where P = MC. (y) does not price at the bott

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