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  • Q : Calculate rate of return on investment

    In May 1995, Japan Life Insurance Company invested $10,000,000 in pure-discount U.S. bonds while the exchange rate was 80 yen per dollar. The company liquidated the investment one year afterwards for $10,650,000. The exchange rate turned out 110 yen per dollar

  • Q : Suggestion to stop the recurrence of

    In integrated world financial market, a financial crisis in a country can be quickly transmitted to other countries, causing global crisis. What sort of measures would you suggest to stop the recurrence of Asia-type crisis?

    Q : FM Based on the information below,

    Based on the information below, calculate the weighted average cost of capital. Great Corporation has the following capital situation. Debt: One thousand bonds were issued five years ago at a coupon rate of 10%. They had 25-year terms and $1,000 face values. They are now selling to yield 9%. Th

  • Q : Explain degree of confidence and

    Explain degree of confidence and the relationship along with deviation.

  • Q : Inernational portfolio manangement 5.

    5. What are the factors responsible for the recent surge in international portfolio investment? plz explain in 20 marks

  • Q : Marginal cost of capital schedule What

    What is MCC (marginal cost of capital schedule)? The schedule is always a horizontal line. Elaborate.

  • Q : How does accounts receivable factoring

    How does AR (accounts receivable) factoring work?  What are the risks and benefits to the two parties involved?

  • Q : Illustrates example of mathematics in

    Give an example of different types of mathematics found in Quantitative Finance?

  • Q : How can FX futures market be utilized

    How can the FX futures market be utilized for price discovery?
    To extent that FX forward prices are an unbiased predictor of future spot exchange rates, the market anticipates whether one currency will appreciate or depreciate versus another. Si

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