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  • Q : Appraisal of AFEP and CNPF In the year

    In the year of 1995, a working group of French chief executive officers was set up by the French Association of Private Companies (AFEP) and Confederation of French Industry (CNPF) to study the French corporate governance structure. The group reported the prov

  • Q : Interest payments between

    Create a different arrangement of interest payments between the counterparties and the swap bank that yet leaves each counterparty along with an all-in cost 1/2 percent below each's best rate & the swap bank with a 1/4 percent inflow.

  • Q : Explain validity in forms of

    Explain the validity in various forms of Efficient-market hypothesis.

  • Q : What is a Poisson Process What is a

    What is a Poisson Process?

  • Q : Define pricing of options to simulation

    Who gave the pricing of options to the simulation of random asset paths?

  • Q : The correlation coefficient for two

    What happens if the correlation coefficient for two variables is -1 or 0 or +1?

  • Q : Characteristics of an efficient market

    What are the characteristics of an efficient market?

  • Q : European calls Explain the relationship

    Explain the relationship between the European calls, puts value with similar strike and expiration value.

  • Q : Payback period for a proposed capital

    How can we estimate the payback period for a proposed capital budgeting project? What are the major problems of the payback method?

  • Q : Find QSD and set up

    Company A is a AAA-rated firm wanting to issue five-year FRNs. It determines that it can issue FRNs at six-month LIBOR + 1/8 percent or at the six-month Treasury-bill rate + ½ percent. Specified its asset structure, LIBOR is the preferred index. Comp

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