Separable utility function

One of my friends can't find the answer of this question. Give answer of following economic based question. Tell me about strongly separable utility function?

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    In an economy the MPC is 0.75. Investment expenses in the economy raise by Rs.75 crore. Compute total increase in national income.

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    How is a shift in demand reflected in a demand equation? How is a shift in supply reflected in a supply equation? How is a movement along a demand (supply) curve reflected in a demand (supply) equation?

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    HoloIMAGine has patented a holographic technology which makes 3-D photography obtainable to consumers. When HoloIMAGine is a pure monopoly, in that case this firm confronts a demand curve which is: (w) identical to the industry demand

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    1. Is it possible for any country to have made gains in access (at the expense of quality) of their rural healthcare system, without any gains in efficiency?  Explain using a PPF diagram.

    2. If the own price elasticity for a good is -2.5, what is the l

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    Total revenue for the firm in illustrated figure is __________ __________ total cost.: (w) greater than (x) less than (y) equal to (z) Cannot be determined by the information given.

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    Data on poverty into the United States recommend that the: (w) sex of the head of the family is unrelated to the poverty rate. (x) race of the head of the family is unrelated to the poverty rate. (y) families headed by African-American or Hispanic wom

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