Separable utility function

One of my friends can't find the answer of this question. Give answer of following economic based question. Tell me about strongly separable utility function?

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    Select the right answer of the question. The asset demand for money: A) is unrelated to both the interest rate and the level of GDP. B) varies inversely with the rate of interest. C) varies inversely with the level of real GDP. D) varies directly with the level of nom

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    Which of the given below is not a benefit of the sole proprietorship? (i) Limited liability. (ii) Easiness of organization. (iii) Flexibility. (iv) Freedom from govt. regulation.

    Choose the right answer from the above options.

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    Within below figure there is market for papayas: (1) a shortage exists at P2. (2) papayas are a free good at P0. (3) papayas are currently a scarce good. (4) consumer's demand prices equivalent P2 at quantity Q2. (5) the equ

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    Within the long run, after HoloIMAGine’s holographic technology patents lapsed moreover entry and exit became probable in this market, therefore HoloIMAGine would be expected to: (w) carry on to reap economic profits. (x) break even and experien

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    Subsequent to Fred received a promotion and a big raise; he bought some macaroni and cheese dinners. For Fred, the: (1) Demand for the macaroni and cheese dinners is not predictable. (2) Macaroni and cheese dinners are the normal goods. (3) Demand for cheese and macar

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