Savings as big investment

The Economic growth in a proficient economy will tend to increase when: (1) Capital quickly depreciates and becomes obsolete. (2) Threats of war divert resources to the national defense. (3) People’s savings increase to permit bigger investment. (4) Funds for research and development are decreased. (5) The law of diminishing returns is completely operative.

Choose the right answer from the above options.

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  • Q : Influence of decisions on consumers

    Consumer’s preferences tend to be most proficiently met whenever decisions are made: (1) Individually. (2) Through democratic voting. (3) In command economy. (4) To share out income according to requirement.

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  • Q : Existence of economic inefficiency

    Economic inefficiency exists while there is: (1) A society suffers through economic inequity. (2) No approach for anyone to gain unless someone else loses. (3) Additional output could be generated at lower cost. (4) Maximum net benefits are acquired f

  • Q : People moods towards Positive Economics

    Average men are innately further perceptive than average women within ascertaining people’s moods and predicting behavior, when average women classically have relatively better depth perception and intrinsically more precise geometric intuition. So, the precedin

  • Q : Earn zero profit in long run by

    Which of the given statements is right?: w) Economic profit takes within account all costs involved within producing a product. x) Accounting profit is not relevant within preparing the firm's financial statement. y) Economic profit all the time exceeds accounting pro

  • Q : Explain about excellent economic

    Good economic theories are tends to be: (w) detailed pictures of real-world economic behavior. (x) based upon value judgments. (y) logical and simple explanations of real world behavior. (z) intended at maximizing capitalists' profits.

    Q : Explains economic problem posed for

    The chorus of a Rolling Stones' song begins along with a line that is, "You can't always acquire what you wish for," that broadly explains the economic problem posed by which factor: (v) scarcity, (w) opportunity costs (x) human greed (y) diminishing returns and (z) marginal utility?


  • Q : How to recognize economics as a field

    recognize economics as a field of economics

  • Q : Define the economically efficient

    An economically efficient combination of resources: (w) may or may not be technologically efficient. (x) will be technologically inefficient. (y) will not be technologically inefficient. (z) automatically assures equity.

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  • Q : Most dealing of normative economic

    Normative economic statements deal mainly along with: (w) the way things should be. (x) production possibilities frontier analysis. (y) facts in place of theories. (z) how to measure economic variables.

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  • Q : Define smog as in Bads economics problem

    Smog is: (w) a good since this gives the air texture. (x) a bad because most people would pay to find rid of this. (y) a free good since you could consume all you desire without having to pay for this. (z) an inefficient utilization of resources.

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