Risk Assessment approach

What are the approaches of Risk Assessment in an organization to accomplish the organizational goals?




Risk Assessment Approach:

The Participants:

As risk assessment is the responsibility of management of any organization we will now go through the participants involved in it.

Senior Management:

For any risk assessment program to function well it requires the data from the senior management. They must ensure that the necessary resources are effectively applied to develop the capabilities needed to accomplish the mission.

Chief Information Officer:

The key responsibilities of chief information officer are planning,budjeting and performance in which information security is very important. So decisions are to be made that are support effective risk management.

System and Information Owners:

They must understand that they are responsible for the security of information. They must ensure that the proper controls are being given for the effective risk management.

Business and Functional Managers:

The effective implementation of risk assessment need managers responsible for business and IT operations.

ISSO: These people are responsible for the computer security and data security, therefore security of the organization. They should know the effective risk management processes and follow them.

IT Security Practitioners:

These people are responsible for sharing of information via networks. As they are also database administrators they must be careful to see that every thing is according to the requirement and therefore lessening the risk.

Security Awareness Trainers:

These people train the employees in IT regarding safety issues and risk assessment therefore minimizing the risk level.

The Techniques Used to Gather Information:

Information can be gathered by the use of tools and some questioner. In most of the cases related to IT there are some tools that help that us to gather the information. In other cases there are some questionnaires that help us to gather information.

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